Saturday, December 8, 2012

ONLY 42 Place Settings

I have an obsession with dishes.  I blame it on my grandmas.  Grandmama Dolly saved everything and had a memory to go along with each thing she kept. 

Grandma Irene saves nothing, but she did have a fondness for dishes.  At one time she had six sets of china, so that she could pass a set on to each grandchild.  She was storing it in an old trailer house they used to have for hired hands, and somebody stole them.  Stupid thieves.

Anyway, I come by my love for dishes honestly.  A few weeks ago Popcorn and I went to Uptown Thrift to do some Christmas shopping (doesn't everyone do their Christmas shopping at thrift stores?) and she told me, "Mom, you do NOT need any more dishes."

"But these are so cute!  And I only have eight place settings of Christmas dishes, and everyone KNOWS you need at least twelve place settings of anything, or it's just no good."  Granted, my place settings are all mismatched, but they are all CHRISTMAS and that is the theme.  She rolled her eyes at me, and gave me a look and said, "Step away from the dishes.  We are here for baskets and jars."  We were gathering stuff to put the home made goodies we will be giving their teachers into.  And as a total aside, we hit jack pot because that particular day EVERYTHING in the store was half off!  Seriously?!  Half off in a thrift store!  Words cannot describe...

Anyway last week I was trying to finish up my Christmas shopping, and I wandered into Kohl's.  And somehow my feet took me to the dishes.  I discovered that I do NOT have the paprika color in Fiesta Ware.  And Fiesta Ware was on SALE, so obviously I texted Brent double quick that gift idea.

And then I spotted these:
Fiesta Christmas dishes!  I was quite certain that if only I could  have four place settings of Fiesta Christmas dishes, then I would have the holy number of TWELVE place settings and OBVIOUSLY my world would be complete, and I would never want for another dish ever again...

Until a new color of Fiesta Ware comes out that I simply MUST have.

And yes, Gentle Reader, if you ever come to my house you will be served food on a REAL dish.  Because otherwise I have no justification for my obsession, and then my husband will have reason to no longer buy me dishes.

And THAT would be a sad day indeed.