Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Started

Where do I begin? I always seem to have so much to say, but when it comes to getting started I can't think where to begin. But, hey, here's an example of my ability to ramble. I could blather on and on about not knowing what to blog about!

Let's see... today... today...

The girls are always a source of entertainment. The girls, who are currently 6 and 8, were fighting (is that too strong of a word?) about who had to take the first bath. I wasn't here last night, so I couldn't play the person who took the first bath last night gets the second one tonight. So, I randomly chose #1 (my 8 yr old) to go first. She was furious, and said she had to go first last night. Well, of course both girls have the same disclaimer. I told her to please go ahead with her bath (I'm sure I was that diplomatic and sweet with my tone of voice.) She went to the bathroom in a foot stomping fashion, which I can tolerate, because she's moving towards obedience. However, at the last minute she stuck her head out the door and blew a raspberry. I'm not sure who it was directed at. Possibly me, possibly her pesky little sister. How exactly do you punish for a raspberry? I calmly asked her to "come here." Then I had her stick her tongue out at me, I grabbed it, and told her not to spit at me any more. This was very upsetting for her. Can you believe this was a cry-worthy punishment? She apologized and went to take her bath in a much more respectful fashion. Whodda thunk? Grabbing a tongue. I'll have to tuck that in my bag of tricks for discipline!


Sarah Castor said...

very good! I'm so proud of you! I will enjoy reading your lovely ramblings!

P.S. Fabulous punishment! (thought in my mind: "hmmm, can i use this at work? would it be acceptable to grab a kids tongue?")

Les said...

I wonder if Sarah remembers having her tongue grabbed. I know I did that at least once. Great start. I always have trouble knowing what to say as well. But it is fun.
Love ya! Les