Monday, December 22, 2008

The Puppy

So, we got our puppy Saturday night.
Did you notice the switch from "Studmuffin's puppy" to "Our puppy?" I took one look at Holly (her full name is Holly the Christmas Puppy, but that's just too much of a mouthful for such a little thing) and fell in love. So, now she's "our puppy" except when she piddles on the floor, then she's Studmuffin's dog. Or when it's f-f-f-fuh-reezing cold outside, then she's Studmuffin's dog. Or when she's yelping and whining ALL NIGHT LONG, then she's Studmuffin's dog.

But, when she needs a cute new collar that's pink with bows on it, then she's our dog. Or, she needs a sweater, because baby it's cold outside, then she's our puppy. Although she's spending an alarming amount of time in the house, this puppy is an outside dog. Yes, she is....Seriously....That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Just. Like. Kelsey.


Jenny said...

Holly is too cute...and Kelsey is too :-) I am suppose to be packing..but you know me, I always wait to the last minute. I received your CHRISTmas letter today. You included your blog address, so here I find myself. It was great reading your blog, it was like we were talking!!! We miss you in La Vernia, but I know how great it is to be close to family. I finally got e-mail, it is I hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas. Please give Bookworm and Popcorn a big hug and kiss from me. Tell "Studmuffin" hey too :-)

Dawn said...

I was really worried where you were going with the 'ffffureezing cold ouside' comment! I guess it's the High school person in me that suspects every word that begins with f!

Dawn said...

Oh and Studmuffin's puppy is really cute!

Sarah Castor said...

Awe... very cute puppy!