Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tales from the Abyss

The girls were at my parents this week. So, I decided to tackle the terror of all terrors. The giant abyss where things go in, but never really end up completely in their rightful place. Their bedroom....

At first, I had no idea where to begin...
I decided to start with this:

I drug everything out of their closet that should have been in the lovely, LABELED storage containers that I've provided them with. I threw it all in the middle of the floor. I had been nagging them to help me with this all Christmas break. I think it was best they weren't there. I would have nagged them endlessly the entire time, and basically been a total shrew. Did I happen to mention I was PMSing when I began this endeavor (remember, nothing is sacred....I'll say it! You know I will!)

But, after much ranting and griping and gnashing of teeth, I accomplished this:

It made me all warm and gooey inside, I'm tellin; ya!
But then......I looked under their bed (the official place for baby dolls.) Again, labeled storage bins have been provided for their organizational pleasure! Instead of organization, I found this:

I was not happy at this point, Gentle Reader. Not at all. All of my warm gooey feelings had turned into boiling hot volcanoes in my brain that were sending smoke out of my ears. Eruption was imminent. (Actually, I may have erupted, but in nursing we have a rule: If it isn't documented it didn't happen.....I'm not documenting that eruption, that may have happened....Therefore it didn't!)

At last, after literally hours of cleaning, organizing, dusting, sweeping, emptying and reorganizing of drawers, and throwing away an entire black garbage sack of TRASH and one sack to go to charity, I accomplished this:
The proof is here, Dear Reader. It CAN be done. A room with too little space and too many toys can be organized. I left with all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings. It put me in my happy place.

At least until after Popcorn's birthday party Saturday, when it will have all erupted all over the place, and I will be trying to figure out where to put more toys!

But, let's not focus on that right now.....

Let's focus on Exhibit C instead.......

Yes... much better. I feel more at peace already.



Anonymous said...

This brought back so many menories, I had to laugh. Popcorn told me that she didn't have any cars or pickups so she was so glad to get the Breyer things for her birthday. She told me that you SOLD all of their good stuff. Worse yet she said that you sold all of Studmuffins cars too!!!!

Becky said...

*sniff* Its just beautiful. You did a fabulous job! I love getting everything organized. It will have to happen here soon. And just remember that when everything gets messed up... go to your happy place... exhibit C. ;-)