Friday, December 5, 2008


I have blog block. I wouldn't call this writing....too rambling-ish. But, you see, I feel compelled to blog. This has become my journal of sorts, only I've never been disciplined enough to keep a journal, and my pen can't keep up with my thoughts. It's a frequent struggle I have. Like when I drink too much coffee...or take the recommended amount of cold medicine. Or when I used to stay up late with my study group in nursing school...lots of Dr. Pepper, coffee, and sugar....You can imagine me on sugar and caffeine. Not a pretty sight. Speaking of hyperactivity...

Do you remember Metabolife? In college I decided I needed to lose some weight. I was in nursing school, and I did aerobics 5-6 days a week, but ate whatever I wanted. Taking a diet pill seemed like an easier alternative than portion control, or limiting my snacks during class time. The first day I took the recommended 3 tablets before breakfast, then before each meal. They worked. The sight of food alone made me nauseous. That seemed like a good thing.

The not so good thing?

I was hyper....jump out of my skin, my insides are quaking, my eyes are darting back and forth, I'm talking so fast I don't know what I'm saying, I have really great ideas, but I can't seem to stop my thoughts long enough to catch them...and I have to sit through a 4 hour pharmacology lecture.......

Yikes! I didn't sleep that night. Neither did Studmuffin. I talked his ear off that night, and I was pretty dang funny if I do say so myself...please don't ask Studmuffin his opinion....I think he may have preferred to sleep.

So, I betcha think I learned my lesson!

Yep, I sure did. The next day I only took one pill before meals.....I was up all night again.....I think Studmuffin succeeded in getting SOME sleep that night.

Did I learn my lesson this time? Sure 'nuff!! I only took one pill that day....And finally slept that afternoon........and was awake all night again the third night. I finally let my beloved sleep.

Well, Dear Reader, no one said I'm hard-headed and difficult to train! *Those who disagree should keep their opinions to themselves....This is my blog, and therefore my fantasy world. Thank you.* I ditched the Metabolife never to touch my lips again.

And I've never attempted diet pills again...Of course in retrospect, I remember taking Dexatrim at one time with similar effects, so why I thought Metabolife would be okay is beyond me. Again, gentle reader, this is my blog, therefore my fantasy world, so we're not dwelling on any possible character defects these stories may reveal. Such as being hard-headed and at times self-delusional. I repeat, we're not dwelling on this....

Thank you again for your cooperation.

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Becky said...

Your not on those diet pills now are ya? LOL... could be the reason behind your rambly (which I love) blog block. I guess some times you've got to hit your head against the wall more than once to realize ... its hard.