Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cleaning a Shotgun

Bookworm was full of smiles and sparkling with excitement when I picked her up. She was practically glowing.....I was smiling just looking at her....but then she told me......And my smile became a little more strained.

Studmuffin is cleaning his shotgun.

Guess why?


Bookworm: Hey Mom! Guess what Tyler said today! *giggle*
Me: What?
Bookworm: Well, we were on our way to pick up Nanna (Tyler is the babysitter's son...Nanna is the grandma), and Brady had Tyler ask me to be his girlfriend, *giggle* but I said 'I'm not allowed' so Tyler told Brady *giggle* and then Brady had Tyler ask me if I would like him if I was allowed to have a boyfriend, and then I said 'I don't know!' *giggle, giggle, giggle*

Okay, so I'm inwardly freaking, yet of course, there's this little burst of happiness because she's so excited that a boy wants to be her boyfriend. But, I don't want my 3rd grader to have a boyfriend....

Me: So, do you want to have a boyfriend? If you were allowed, of course.
Bookworm *giggle*: I don't know!

Oh....Gentle Reader.....I think I know....

I think she's flattered that someone wants to be her boyfriend....Yep, my baby is growing up.....

Just a few short months ago she didn't think it was funny that someone wanted to be her boyfriend... In fact she was furious that some boys asked her if she was Ethan's girlfriend. She told the teacher that "2 boys in the hall were being mean and said that she was Ethan's girlfriend, and she's not, and you don't say that to someone when it's not true!" And then, she "gave them the meanest look ever and she showed them!"
Yep! Those boys didn't mess with her anymore!

So, we've gone from giving boys the "meanest look ever" to giggles. Yikes.

Excuse me now....I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a giant bowl of ice cream. Thank you.


Dawn said...

I think that perhaps 'the meanest look ever' was probably pretty darn cute!

Sarah Castor said...

HAHA! I love it! Was it that good Braums vanilla ice cream that studmuffin (almost used the real name! yikes) loves to eat right before bed cuz that stuff is WAY good!

Anonymous said...

i'm with ya on the shotgun part. boys are scum!

Becky said...

Oh my word! Scary and exciting. Can I have some of your ice cream? Just reading about it stressed me out.