Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ta Da!!!

Dear Reader, after a mere six weeks of blood, (Studmuffin's), sweat (also Studmuffin's) and tears (mine as I threw a few minor tantrums) the back splash is finished. This means my kitchen is officially finished! Well, finished until we get around to redoing the floors in this place...and replacing all of the appliances for new ones...Of course about that time Studmuffin will accept a position somewhere that will require me to move. Us to move. Boy, that was Freudian slip of all about me wasn't it! I'm just going by history of previous homes and previous remodel endeavors.
My darling niece Sarah took some pictures of it when she was here last weekend. Studmuffin asked me to have her take pictures. Umm, excuse me, I know she's like some sort of photographic genius, or something, but I think I can point and shoot with my camera! Hmpf!

But I never would have thought of all these great angles to give a nice perspective of the sink. The cast iron sink that we decided to keep to save a penny. The same sink that weighs approximately 438 lb, and Studmuffin heaved out of our old counters and carried to the garage, sat on the floor, and then picked back up and put in place after the new counters were put in. He asked me to help, and I tried, but mostly I just fluttered my hands and whined about my poor aching back, then sat back and clutched my chest in awe at his fetes of strength. This picture also shows the beautiful new faucet. I love oil rubbed bronze. You may notice we also put knobs and handles on all of the cabinets and drawers. Isn't it amazing what a difference hardware makes?

Just in case you needed a refresher, here's the kitchen before the redo. What you can't see is the burn marks on the counters. Or the laminate peeling loose. Yes, this picture is much brighter. Please understand that this was taken on a bright, sunny day. Sarah took the other pictures in pouring down rain with no extra light. We need to add more lighting to the list of more things to do for the kitchen....No, it will never end. It's a sickness I have. I think the professionals call it remodelophilia. Or maybe same-ophobia. Perhaps nag-o-mania. Poor Studmuffin. Pray for him.


Sarah Castor said...

haha! so glad its finished! it looks awesome! good job Studmuffin!

Dawn said...

It looks wonderful!