Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm very very busy

And I've got a lot to do,
and I haven't got a minute to explain it all to you..
For on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday there are people I must see
and on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I'm as busy as can be
With my most important meetings and my most important calls
And I have to do so many things and post them on the walls!
(Shamelessly copied from Sandra Boynton's "BusyBusyBusy" from her cd title Philadelphia Chickens.)

Have you ever read Sandra Boynton Books to your kids? If not, you have to buy them the next time you see one. Then, after you fall totally in love with her illustrations and whimsical language, you simply MUST buy her cd's for your kids. You will love them.

I fell in love with her when my girls were about 2 & 3. There is this song called "I Like to Fuss." The lyrics go like this: I like to fuss, I like to moan. I like to stand on my chair and say LEAVE ME ALONE don't bother me.....I like to gripe. I like to brood. I like to stomp all around in a truly terrible mood." That song could not have been more perfect to a mother of two toddlers.

But, this post is not about Sandra Boynton, and her creative genius. Okay, so it sorta is, but that was not the original game plan. I got off on a bunny trail...

Hippety-hoppety Easter's on it's way....

Thumpety-thump-thump. Thumpety-thump-thump....Woops! That's Frosty, not a bunny!

Put your right foot forward....Stick your left foot out!

Okay. I'm done. Seriously....

I've typed and deleted the rant I was about to post about 50 bajillion times. Here it is in a nutshell. I'm in a hurry. I have tons to get done. I need everyone around me to move as fast as me. There is no excuse. I don't care if Studmuffin says it is ridiculous how fast I walk. I think if people put their mind to it, they can move as quickly as me (or close to it.) I had to leave work late because other people are incapable of moving was quickly as I would like them to. This delay resulted in the above photo diary.

Don't understand?

Look again. Less than one mile in 9 minutes.


It took me over 1 hour to do a drive that normally takes about 25 minutes.

So. Originally I was going to rant and rave about all the poky people in my life. But that is ridiculous and petty...And no matter how I tweaked it, I sounded whiny and unfair. So, I'm done. No more complaining about poky people.

But could you please just think of me the next time you are strolling through life as if you don't have anywhere you need to be in a hurry? And when you think of me...




Try to think of it as an easy calorie burner. Whatever helps you get there quicker. But please, please, please


Thank you. I appreciate your concern for my problems!

And, I appreciate you overlooking the film of filth on my radio in the above pictures. I tend to clean all day at work, because I have to clean the bays between every single one of my patients. I find that does not lead to any desire to clean at home.....Funny how that works out.

And a post note for all of the grammar people in my blogosphere: I would spell it whiney and pokey. Spell check insist it is whiny and poky. What do you think?