Sunday, June 14, 2009

What I learned from my nephews...

My freakishly long monkey arms are great for playing monkey in the middle in the pool. Now, one might think that I would have consideration for smaller, younger players. One would be totally wrong in that thought process. That same person may also assume I would let my kids beat me at hula hoop contests, jump roping contests, and twister. Sadly, that person would be wrong then too. I say, where's the joy in such a hollow victory? When my kids beat me they know they shed blood sweat and tears to do it. And that my knee will be so sore that I will limp for 2 weeks after...

It is only fair that Logan guard me in monkey in the middle, because I am "huge and fat." Yes, those are quotes. Yes, I dunked him. Yes, he paid dearly. Which is exactly what he wanted.

Logan learned that the word is "mayday" not "maytay." His brother and cousins will completely ignored his cries of distress when he yelled the wrong word....Of course, they probably would have anyway because he totally had it coming.

I learned that Olay Complete all day moisture lotion with spf 15 for sensitive skin is also known as "freckle cream." Aiden showed me the proof of it's effectiveness by pointing out the area on his cheek where his freckles are fading. Not the area where there are no freckles yet...The area where his freckles were! You know, I myself have been using this specific lotion for years. And my freckles have faded. I like my freckles. I have been saddened by there fading. But, this cream is great to avoid sunburn, so I guess I'll deal with the unfortunate side effects.

All boy games eventually lead to war. Enough said.

Logan said he was about to unleash his grenade launcher and bazooka on somebody at sometime. I can't remember the details, but I about wet myself laughing at his description of his biceps.

You can apply sunscreen 3 times in a 4 hour period at the lake, but if your nephews are alpha white, this will be only moderately effective, and they will still burn. And you will pray that their sunburns will be gone by the time their mother comes to get them in 2 days.

Since I allowed them to swim for 3 hours at my own house the next day, they will still be red when their mother comes to get them.

Last, I learned that I will be very sad when they leave tomorrow. I hope they can come back soon! And so do my girls.

Oh! I also learned that blond hair really does turn green in a chlorinated pool! And I learned from my hairdresser this week that Suave clear shampoo is gentle on hair, and to use it after swimming (she also told me to saturate my hair with conditioner before swimming to prevent damage. But I'm not sure how this will be on pool chemicals.) Logan's hair lost it's green tinge after using this. I breatheed a big sigh of relief that his mother wasn't going to find him fried with green hair....He would resemble green eggs and ham!

Post Note: After viewing this on my blog, I'm laughing at my white knees in the pictures. This is just reinforcing what I already knew. Alpha whiteness runs in the family. And I'm an atrocious photographer.


Dawn said...

gee--I didn't even notice white knees--wonder why! And I'm so going to have to go buy some of that Olay--Freckles disappearing does not sadden me. But I probably can't afford enough of it.....

Dawn said...

Oh yeah and the title of this post totally scared me!!!!