Tuesday, August 18, 2009

There's a Lazy Girl Living Inside of Me, but I Can Usually Overcome Her with Guilt Tactics

So. Here's the deal. I am lazy. In fact, I am the only one in my house who is allowed to be lazy. If I notice any one else being lazy, I'm instantly annoyed, and feel that I work twice as hard as they do. Even if I don't. There. That's the truth. I said it, and there ain't no goin' back now.

I prefer to procrastinate and plan all of the wonderful things I need to do. Instead, I end up on the computer (surprise, surprise,) reading a book, or taking naps. I love naps. I try to take a nap every Wednesday and Sunday. Plus, I am totally worthless after 7pm. By that time, I've usually finished cleaning up dinner, but if I'm not, then it will probably sit there until the next morning when I will be annoyed with myself when I walk in and find the dirty skillet in the sink. After 7 I don't like to fold, wash or put away. I like to walk with my neighbor or just lay on the couch and stare at the television.

I know you're wondering what the hey diddle is the point of this post.

I don't really know.

I think it's to remind myself how lazy I like to be, and how I like to be at my home every moment possible. However, now school is starting, so that means my free time is rapidly going to dwindle. I hope to start leading a ladies Bible study on Monday mornings. Our church wasn't offering one during the week, and I'm unable to attend the one on Sunday evenings because I help with youth choir at that time. So, I volunteered to lead a study if there is enough interest generated. I work Tuesday all day. Wednesday mornings a friend and I help our music pastor get ready for Wednesday night rehearsal. Of course we have to have lunch together after. Thursday I work all day. Last year I worked Fridays too. Fridays weren't part of my original contract, but my unit is down one nurse every Friday, so I was helping out while the kids were in school. I haven't volunteered to resume that shift. I'm not sure if I'm going to, either.

So as I said, I'm lazy. I realize that if I really sat down and thought about it, I will have tons more free time than all of those mothers who have to work full time. Or want to work full time. I personally don't understand anyone wanting to work full time, but that's just me. Plus, I just don't get those super moms who volunteer at the school. Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate it. Somebody's gotta do it, and it apparently won't be me. I just don't want to give up my free afternoon to go help at the school. Again, I'm just being real with you here.

I know that if I'm organized, get up early so I can get my Bible study done before the fam starts waking up, I will have plenty of time to get the rest of my "mommy duties" done and still have time for my naps on Wednesdays and Sundays. But I'm weak. I'm given to hitting the snooze button. I'm given to starting books at bedtime and staying awake until 3am to finish it, because I just can't put it down, and I want to know what happens next.

Of course, if I hit the snooze button, I have to go through my usual wake up time with my family. I hate that. Does that sound mean? Well, it's not. I'm cranky when I wake up. I don't like to talk to people. I don't like to be friendly or cuddly or whatever. I just want to get out of bed, pee, wash my face with hot water, put on my moisturizer and head to the coffee pot. Then, I want to fix my breakfast and eat it while I read a devotional. With any luck, translation: I got out of bed when I should, I will still have a few moments to go pet the dogs and maybe start a load of laundry before the fam joins me. And by then, I'm ready to be chipper, chatty and gracious.

So. This post was totally lame. I'm sorry. But I've got nothin'. Nothin' but lameness, and I feel compelled to share something, so since I got nothin' but lameness, lameness is what you got. And I'm totally okay with that.

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Dawn said...

I love that post and it's not lame and the title speaks for a multitude! Love, love, love it! And love you, you lazy girl!