Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Popcorn is a STAR!!!

Popcorn on a roller coaster

Popcorn was privileged to be Star of the Week at school. The first day she got to bring a poster with pictures of her at different ages, and she got to explain about the pictures to her class. She refused to bring scrap book pages from her younger years, because she "couldn't remember what it was about." I tried to explain she could say, "This is me when I was 2," but she refused to listen. I'm surrounded by hardheadedness, and I have no idea where it comes from...She agreed to use current pages from a scrap book, but no "little kid pages." *Pfpfpfpf* to that, I say!

Tuesday she got to bring her favorite book. She brought Skippyjohn Jones in the Doghouse. She planned to read it out loud to her class. We love Skippyjohn and have accents and tunes to the songs and everything...The teacher forgot she wanted to read it, and read it out loud herself. Bummer.

Wednesday I sent a letter to her in a sealed envelope for the teacher to read out loud how special she is. I wrote a sweet, sappy letter. Popcorn's response? "Mommy, your letter was really funny." Huh?

Thursday her classmates wrote compliments to her on a poster that the teacher laminated. Here are some of the quotes:

Isaiah: You are asome.
Anonymous: You are so sweet when I am hert you come to my side.
Hailey: She is a good friend.
Halee: You are my best friend i ever.
Maebree: Youa re a good friend you make me laugh you are funny you are nice and some time you and loveing.
Taryn: You are fun.
Anonymous: She is very nies
Faith: She is the best and she is my friend.
Elaiyah: You are the best friend. I am glad that you are my be friend
Danny: you are a good friend.
You are asum
She's nice.
You are nice
Addison: You are my best friend you are nice you are helpfull
Tatum: I am glad you are in my class. you are a good friend.

Isn't that sweet?

On Friday she got to bring her favorite treat. We made chocolate chip cookies. These cookies were the perfect excuse to show you another treasure I got from my mother-in-law. She had no idea why I wanted this particular plate. I wanted it simply because I like it. Isn't that bird at the top just precious? And I love the flowers. Basically, I just thought this plate was cute. Don't you agree?

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Dawn said...

Her friends are so right! She is nice and sweet and awesome! And I'm sure she is a good friend cause she is a great niece! And I love the plate. And the cookies!