Sunday, December 6, 2009

Comfort Food

Some time ago, I posted about my family's love of egg sandwiches. If you don't remember that post, please take a moment to go and refresh your memory. It is sure to help you understand the depth of feeling my family has for these sandwiches......

Egg sandwiches epitomize all that's good and right with the world. You see, the egg represents a new joy and happiness...The toast represents ... Well, never mind that, I have no idea where to go from here...

Okay that's a bunch of hooey, and I just made that up on the fly, which is why it was really lame...

But seriously, a good egg sandwich is just, well plain ole GOOD!!!

When I posted previously about egg sandwiches I told myself that someday I would post pictures and directions for them. You see, egg sandwiches are a staple in a house where we are frequently rushed through supper, but there is very little cash left in the dining envelope.

Another great thing about egg sandwiches is the versatility. No yolk wanted? (My girls prefer I ditch the yolk) Simply separate the egg before cooking. The yolk can be broken to spread the flavor all over, the yolk can be runny if that floats your boat, or you can scramble the eggs if you happen to have a person that explodes with horrendous toxic fumes (also known as flatulence in the medical world.)

So, without further ado, let's begin, shall we?

First you need a good cast iron skillet.

Get it hot, then melt up a few tablespoons of butter in it. I've been using EVOO lately since Studmuffin has been careful with his cholesterol. I don't really notice any difference in flavor.

Drop your egg in and scramble, fry or whatever you want. Bookworm preferred an egg in a basket the day I took these photos, so you can see it cooking too.

What is an egg in a basket? Simply take a piece of bread and tear a hole in the middle. Place it in a skillet with melted butter and drop an egg in the middle. Wait a few minutes and flip it. Top with S&P to taste and serve it up hot!

But, returning to egg sandwiches : If you want, you can fry up some lunch meat if you happen to have any in the fridge. Place the egg on a slice of toast, then a slice of cheese if you want. Again, Studmuffin is foregoing cheese a lot lately too. His life isn't very exciting lately. Next place your ham or turkey, or if you're really a rebel you can put some bacon on it. I accept no responsibility for your cholesterol levels if you choose the latter. Top it with a second piece of toast.

Studmuffin and Popcorn always add mustard to their sandwiches. I'm not so crazy about that, but again, the beauty of this is you can make it to please yourself!

So, go! Make yourself some comfort food! Enjoy a delicious home cooked meal that's ready in minutes! We like to eat ours with a glass of milk and a bunch of grapes or some other fruit. Of course, potato chips are a good side too, but the extra salt is probably not your friend.

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Dawn said...

So do you or don't you want to know that yesterday I had a bologna and American cheese sandwich with mayonnaise, lay's potato chips and a diet coke and a snickers?! Ummm, comfort food. I only eat about four of those a year so I don't feel too bad!