Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's Happening Right Now.

My cat is at the door, telling me it's time to feed him.

It's always time to eat, according to him.

I'm drinking coffee, trying to plan a menu for the next several days, and looking at all the housework that needs to be done before bunco on Tuesday night.

Why did I volunteer to host bunco on a night after I work all day?

I have lots of ideas on what to feed them, but no concrete plans...Lasagna? Mexican Casserole? Chili or chicken enchilada soup?

What about dessert? Brownies? Pie? Cookies?

I mowed the yard last night with our push mower, as the riding mower's blades wouldn't turn...My neighbor stood in his yard with his socks on, smoked a cigarette, and watched me.

In my gray hand-me-down shorts from Studmuffin's Aunt Aleta with the word "Sooners" written across my butt, and my also hand-me-down "Ski Sandia Peak" t-shirt with holes in the armpit, also compliments of Aleta...


I watched a stupid tear jerker last night. I hate movies that make me cry great gulping sobs with tears dripping off my chin and snot running out my nose. I went in Blockbuster to rent Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and instead left with "Dear John." I don't know what I was thinking...

Okay. I better get busy. I have no purpose in this post other than to procrastinate on the stuff I should be doing...

But, I will end with one question: What do you have planned for this weekend?


Paula said...

My goal was to work on the online class I am developing for the spring semester, but that has changed. I decided that I am going to continue sipping my coffee on the patio till the pot is empty (made less than half a pot) then I'm gonna get out my sewing machine and finish a project. Later, I will take the boys to their birthday parties/sleep overs and have a meal with my friend Deonda. NO WORK for me.

Jen said...

I quit playing bunco just because I was overwhelmed by the prospect of feeding all the ladies.

This weekend, I have gone to a Christian Ed. conference and am now at my sweet in-laws house. Tomorrow is the drive home and then dinner at my SIL's house. Busy!

Dawn said...

You were gonna watch The Birds alone???? You're crazy!