Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quote(s) of the Day

Bookworm: Umm, Mommy? I'm reading in my Bible about King David, and it says that David never let his men lay with women before going into battle so they would not be unclean and God would give them victory. Why would that make them unclean?

Don't you just envy my scripture discussions with my children? Oh, and yeah, that question was presented in front of my dad!

The very same man who never even let us watch Three's Company....


Popcorn after helping her daddy with the super cool pop up camper: Hi mommy! I've been having fun with Daddy. Y'know, I used to think you guys were really boring and all I wanted to do was play toys. But you guys are actually fun!

Was there ever any doubt in your mind that we would be fun, Gentle Reader?


Dawn said...

I'll giggle about that all morning! Thanks for the funny!! By the way, have you watched Three's Company as an adult? It was pretty risque! And I'll bet Dad had something to do in the other room after that question! What was your answer?

gianna said...

This makes me so glad that my superstars are 5 and under!

Andi said...

Dawn, I'm sure my answer was entirely too lengthy and drawn out...
Studmuffin said it was too deep.

I think I said something about the Holy Spirit not living in them, and not having Jesus as their savior to take away their sins, so they could not have direct communication with God when "uncleanness" was between them. THey wanted God in battle with them, so they would avoid doing anything before battle that would keep God from being with them...Not that laying with wives was a bad thing, it just meant they couldn't have God with them until they went through purification..

Then, for some strange reason, I thought of when they had a death and had to bury the body. The death was part of being human, and of course they would bury their loved ones, but that meant they couldn't go to the temple until they'd gone through a cleansing ceremony.

Neither thing was "bad" it just was a purely human thing, and God couldn't be with them until they'd been cleansed through a ceremony...

Then I mentioned how Jesus took that barrier away, and we can talk to God at any time.

Yeah. It was probably too deep, but she said she understood.

Either that, or she wanted me to shut up!

Marilyn said...

Or maybe both. Teehee. I thought it was funny.