Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Break: An Agenda

December 22nd:

Slept until 8:30, which is WAY sleeping in for me!
Breakfast: 1 cupcake & 1 piece of fudge
Did loads and loads of laundry
Lunch: package of peanut butter crackers, 1 piece of fudge
Ran to Dollar General and Braum's for groceries where I indulged in a junior scoop of German Chocolate ice cream.
Stopped to get my ring cleaned. It looks all shiny and new now.
Stopped at a junk store for the girls to buy themselves some Webkinz.
Bought a cute homemade Nativity.
Got a free planner...I love those freebie planners.
More laundry.
Cooked a fantabulous dinner with my hubby at my side. Aren't the best meals the ones thrown together off the cuff?
And, I finished this entire simply fascinating day off with a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.

December 23rd

Slept until 6:30. Both girls were up by 7am. Claimed they couldn't sleep in.
Addressed Christmas card envelopes

Bake cookies for the girls to take to the neighbors and carol.
Buy ink for the printer.
Buy stamps.
Read my Nook.
Drink endless cups of coffee.
Shift stuff from point A to point B so it appears I have done some work.
Wander aimlessly through the house and yard pretending to be busy.
Take a nap.


My husband just called. He left his phone at home, which is equivalent to a briefcase in the olden days of 1995. I must now get off of the couch...

Put on makeup...

Brush my teeth...

And take the darn thing to him!

So, I will hit publish on this post as is.

The best laid plans....

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Dawn said...

Perhaps you can stop by another thrift store? Or find more yummy ice cream to make the trip worthwhile!