Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Did This Happen

Popcorn expressing her joy at sneaking up on birds.  It's grainy because I was trying to sneak a picture through the kitchen window.
I was sitting on the edge of our fire pit enjoying the sunshine Wednesday afternoon as Bookworm came and folded her long legs under her and told me she plans to pretend she's a Dominican Republican...As in just sitting in the yard and reading a book.  Apparently that's all they do in the Caribbean islands.  Oh, except of course, when they sit and talk and "make plans."  I really laughed at that.  I can totally relate to making plans.  And never doing all the things I planned to do!

Anyway, as she sat there sharing her knowledge with me, I couldn't help but notice her feet.  When did they turn into big kid feet?  They are no longer pudgy little dimply feet.  Now they are long and narrow with ridiculously skinny heels that require purchasing ridiculously expensive shoes to stay on her feet.  Of course, as I reflect, I'm not sure Bookworm ever had a pudgy or dimply part on her body.  She was always skinny as a rail, but still, her features were that of a little one.  Now she's becoming so grown up.

Saturday was a big day around here.  The girls threw as much into their last day of Spring Break as possible.  Popcorn was invited by a friend to go play putt putt and do all of those video games that suck your money away before you know quite where it went.  My friends assured me they had coupons so the whole thing was free, and I decided to believe them, and sent her there penniless.  She came home with Chinese handcuffs, a slinky and a flashing ring...

Please disregard the clutter.  Focus on sister's cuddled under a blanket.

 Bookworm went over to a friend's house to play.  They golfed and went to Lowe's for yard supplies and helped build a chicken coop.  She saw her first blue bird.  That was pretty big stuff for a bookish girl like her.  That evening as I was working in the kitchen, I noticed a woodpecker in one of our little red bud trees.  We even had some redheaded finches around our fish pond!  She gleefully checked off three new birds in her bird book.

Please note that Popcorn is moving slowly, trying to get close to the woodpecker.  Slow movement is a rarity with this child!       

So that was our weekend.  Exciting times with friends, Popcorn moved slowly and thoughtfully, Bookworm was her usual contemplative self, and sisters cuddled on the couch as they watched Man vs Wild.  Somehow in the midst of our fun time as a family this last week, my girls grew up.

At least I think it all happened within the last week.  Surely this couldn't have crept on me without my noticing!


Freckled Hen said...

Such sweet words about your girls. They sound like they are having the perfect childhood!
I love that she checks off birds she sees, imagine years from now how full her book will be.

Crazy Sister said...

Love the blanket photo!