Saturday, July 23, 2011

Welcome to My Menagerie

The kittens are getting used to Kelsey.  Read here:  They've given up. 

She is quite certain she knows what is best for them, if they will only listen!

They are somewhat afraid they are looking at the face of death.

If a kitten can have death by dog licks, then they are correct.  Otherwise, she is just intent on keeping them in a particular location, which varies based on her whim.  Unfortunately, we've never presented her with two kittens at once.  While she is dragging one kitten back to where she wants it, the other escapes.  So, she goes after the escapee, and the whole process starts over.  Kelsey is quite overwhelmed, I assure you.

That is why they live in the front yard.  Sometimes the place she decides they need to be, is NOT by water.  So, I put them in the front yard so they can destroy all of my flowers, and have plenty of water to drink.

As you can see, they are NEVER ever EVER in the house. 



This morning I kicked my kids out of bed by 7am to drag them along on a bike ride.  I put the kittens that only live outside, yet were in the garage for some strange reason outside.  Every night I head to bed and they are outside, sleeping on the front porch.  Every morning I wake up and they are in the garage, ready to pounce on my legs.  I scoop them up and carry them to the front porch.  It is a mystery, I'm tellin' ya.

Because, after all, my husband did NOT bring the kittens in the house at my mother-in-love's after I had promised they would stay outside.  Not him. He did NOT bring a large box into the bedroom that they could not climb out of, so the girls would view him as a hero, and me as an evil ogre who cares not if kittens die by the jaws of a coyote.


So, I put the kittens out and was fixing my kids a highly nutritious breakfast of frozen blueberry waffles, when I looked outside and saw a horrific sight!  


A sight to never be borne!!

I sent Studmuffin out double quick to rescue the kittens from certain peril...

Guess who wants to join our family?  We opened the front door, and he went from running to our yard to falling to his side and showing us his belly.  We took this to mean he was a nonviolent sort of dog.  I told him "GO HOME!"  He trotted to my front mat and plopped down on it.

I think he's confused at what home I meant.

We took him on a 3 mile bike ride trying to discover who owned him...Nobody recognized him.  On our way home, he spotted a kiddy pool and ran to jump in it.

Popcorn and I looked at each other and said, "Let's ditch him."  And we peddled away as hard as we could.  Because, apparently, Popcorn has some evil ogre in her too.  That, and she was afraid I'd make her ride further, looking for his rightful home.

Guess who met us at the garage door?  He was waiting patiently for us.  He apparently cut through some back yards to beat us home.

Oliver is FURIOUS!!!  First two kittens, now this!  He is NOT a happy camper.  The kittens are none too fond of him either.  And Kelsey is confused as to why she is trapped in the back yard with a fence, yet this mongrel is wandering all over the neighborhood with the kids!

I had planned to load him in the car and go to our nearby vet to see if he had a microchip.  Guess who jumped in the fish pond and became quite malodorous?

Since he has no collar and is so eager to stay with us, I fear he was a dumped off dog.  I hope not, but I'm afraid that's the deal.

This particular neighbor girl is happy to take him home with her.  If only her mom will agree..

She has named him "Copper," and I am sure they will be the best of friends.  I even told her we would dog sit if they had to go out of town.

Cue evil laughter here.


Paula said...

If it weren't a male dog then i would be very interested

Dawn said...

Copper's a cute name! And it's a cute dog! for someone else.....:)

Dawn said...

Copper's a cute name! And it's a cute dog! for someone else.....:)

Crazy Sister said...

He's gorgeous. I bet he digs.

You know, every lamp post in your neighbourhood probably has "For A Good Time, Go To Andi's" peed onto it by all the animals that pass through your life.

Andi said...

Actually, he has only dug in one spot. My flower bed by the front door. Except I don't blame him as it's blasted hot out and we wet it down for him so he can cool off. But, seriously that's the only place he's dug!

And that pee story is probably too true.