Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens

So, Crazy Sister thinks I should do a review of Cowboys and Aliens.

And, since I'm deliriously tired, yet too keyed up to sleep as I just had back to school night and realized that my daughter is going into MIDDLE SCHOOL and my other daughter is still struggling with math facts, and my neighbor broke her neck two weeks ago, and I never knew because I'm obviously not as attentive to my elderly neighbors as I should be, and because I'm bloated with frizzy hair and acne, I will post a brief review...

It is a movie.

It is about cowboys.  And aliens.  Hence the title Cowboys and Aliens.

Daniel Craig is in it.  I am officially declaring that he looks good in cowboy clothes.  His character is a ruthless outlaw, with an underlying sense of honor.

So even though he's a thievin' murderer, you can't help but like him.

Harrison Ford is in it.  Harrison Ford makes a very good bad guy, who is in actuality a war hero, and a wealthy "upstanding" citizen.  So, apparently, he's a sort of good guy.  Except you love to hate his character.

The movie is completely preposterous...

That being said, I liked it.

Not as much as Captain America, or Thor, but I really shouldn't admit that I've squandered that much money at the movies this year.

But may I say that you really should go see both of the aforementioned as they are fabulous, and The Avengers is coming out soon, and I'm pretty sure your life is incomplete (even if you don't realize it) if it lacks super hero movie elements....

In a drastic movie topic change, you should also rent Soul Surfer.  My mom bought it and I watched it with my parents and my girls.

My dad cried all the way through it.  His conclusion of Soul Surfer:  That was a horrible bloody movie.

My synopsis:  It was a good movie, and I typically avoid tear jerkers, unless my family is all out of town and I'm home alone with a giant tub of ice cream, a big bag of Santitas corn chips and a vat of salsa...The above scenario DEMANDS a tear jerker.

 My kids loved it.  We all cried at least a little.  Your life is not incomplete without this movie, but it is an amazing, heartwarming, inspiring movie...

So in conclusion to a hastily typed post:

Cowboys and Aliens is exactly what one would expect.  Hokey, over the top, and total escapism.  In short, it's fun.

Thor and Captain America are sure to fill a gaping hole in your life.  Although, if you MUST choose one, go for Captain America.

Soul Surfer will make you cry.  But it is good, nonetheless.

How many run on sentences did this post have?  I shudder to think.

How 'bout instead of answering that question you tell me what movies you recommend, or what you thought of the above movies?

Pretty please?


Crazy Sister said...

Awesome! I thought Cowboys and Aliens would be ridiculous fun.

Loved Captain America, and I'm eagerly awaiting The Avengers! As soon as I see the Marvel logo flip through comic pages at the start of a movie, I get all excited.

I'll skip that "horrible bloody movie", tell your Dad thanks for the warning, my tears are not for jerking, thankyou very much.

And now I'll get back to finding online home insurance quotes... sigh...

Freckled Hen said...

How can you spend $ on Cowboys and Aliens when The Help is playing and I reallllly want to watch it but can't seem to escape my house full of little people?

Dawn said...

I want to see all of the above. And The Help. But getting to a theatre is a problem. And I just like to stay home. Good review!

NaomiG said...

I like watching movies at home. I can sit inappropriately, pause to get another glass of wine, eat my own snacks that I don't have to sneak into my living room in my pants, and it's cheaper. So, I actually can't wait to see all of these movies. I'll just be waiting to see them when I can watch them on my couch. :-)

My one sobbing cry family gone movie is PS I love you. I'm a full blown mess through that whole movie.

KiteFlyer said...

We hope to see Cowboys and Aliens this week, plus we still need to see The Help (yes, I go with my wife to see chick flicks - for her birthday we saw Glee: 3D). Rise of the Planet of the Apes is on the list, too.

I agree Captain America is better than Thor. The former did a good job selling why he became Cap, and the latter was too short, spent too much time setting up the finale. Looking forward to The Avengers next summer.

While on the subject of superheroes, I know the critics didn't like it, but I thought Green Lantern was great. I'm a DC Comics fan, so I may be a little partial.

Soul Surfer is on the rental list, but after your review, I'm not sure.

We've seen a lot of movies this summer because both offspring were working at the theater, so we could get in free about every other time. Plus, we have what looks like a 2-gallon plastic popcorn tub that we get refilled for only $2.50, so the biggest expense most of the time is the drinks.

I hope Apes lives up to its potential. With the advancements in motion capture technology, I can't wait to see Andy Serkis's performance.