Monday, August 1, 2011

Squandering Kisses.

I'm bored.  And I am one who is seldom bored.  I'm typically just too hyper of a person to experience any periods of true boredom.

I could go swim, but the girls are obsessed with Bookworm's new iPod.  She is allowed use of it all day today, then it will be limited to one hour per day, excluding just listening to music.  Because I'm mean that way. 

Anyhoo, what this means to me is that nobody wants to go swimming with me, and I don't really WANT to go swim even though I should because it is good for me.  But I'm just not feeling motivated that way today.

I could clip coupons.  But I don't wanna, and the girls will need something to do while I'm at work tomorrow.  That is a good chore for them to do, then I simply file them.  Because I'm kind of lazy that way.

We  had a slumber party this weekend, and I picked up after it yesterday, so there's really no housework to be done.  I'm sure if I looked hard enough I could find something, but it's Sunday, and I'm pretty dead set against housework on Sunday.  Unless I want to do it, but again, I'm kind of lazy feeling today.

I could go get a pedicure. I had planned on getting one with a friend yesterday.  However, her daddy has been sick and she opted to spend the day with him, and I couldn't make myself go alone.  Plus, I played in the pool with Popcorn yesterday for over two hours, and was wiped by the time we were done.  My feet need rescuing, but I keep thinking of better things to spend my money on.  I'm kind of tight that way.

I thought about reading a book, but I've started three different ones and none of them are holding my interest.  I actually contemplated reading Twilight.  Again.  Because I still like it, and I can put it down and not let it consume my life like I do with some books.  Bookworm and I drive the other two members of our family crazy because we will read and block out everything they are saying and whatever is going on around us.  We are both bookish that way.

I guess I'm down to telling you  a story.  Last week we were eating lunch at Braum's after Studmuffin had picked the girls up from a slumber party.  We had went to see "Captain America" the night before even though I was on call, and then wandered through Bricktown and decided to eat at a Cajun restaurant.  We waited over an hour for a table, but it was okay because we weren't paying a sitter and we weren't all that hungry.  It was nice to sit and people watch and marvel at grown adults over indulging in drink, and just chat.

However, since I was on call I have to admit that my enjoyment of "Captain America" was tempered because I kept hoping my phone wouldn't go off and send me to the hospital.  It didn't.  I worried about the same thing when I realized after waiting 45 minutes for a table that we were a good ten minute walk from our car, and we were downtown on a weekend, and even though I was theoretically five minutes from the hospital, the traffic would be a night mare...And what if we finally got a table, and then got our food and they called me!  Or, worse yet we ORDERED our food, but I got called and it wasn't ready, but we still had to pay because they had already begun preparation...

But I never got called so all that fretting was for nothing!  Pfpfpfpf

So.  We were eating lunch at Braum's.  The girls asked how our evening was, and were relieved to learn that we had enjoyed a date night, and I had even avoided showing my unmentionables to any random strangers...

I asked them about their sleepover and they said they had played "Truth or Dare."  They had been shocked to learn how many girls claim to have already had a first kiss.  You do realize my kids are going in to 4th and 6th grade.  So the age group ranged in those grades.  And too many of them had already given away their first kiss!  "Don't go squandering your first kiss, girls.  Save your kisses for your husband." 

Yes.  I have high hopes of them maintaining their purity on a level far above the world's standards.  I have always told them you can never get back a first kiss, and what a disappointment to give it to the wrong boy!  Naturally, my girls wanted to know when our first kisses were.  Because apparently we have an entirely too open relationship with our girls.  At least that was my first thought when Popcorn posed the question...Studmuffin immediately began to tease me that it was in 5th grade.  "Not true.  I was in 9th grade."  His jaw dropped.  It seems that he squandered his first kiss on the activity bus in 6th grade...As the result of a game of Truth or Dare no doubt!

So, we fessed up to the girls.

And they were both quiet and probably slightly disillusioned that we had not saved our first kisses for each other...

Then Bookworm decided to share her thoughts on the matter with us all.  "Don't worry about me squandering kisses.  All of the boys at my school are idiots."


Just excellent.

Popcorn had nothing to add.  I am definitely going to keep my eye on that one.


The Lumberjack's Wife said...

I love it! Now make sure Popcorn goes to school with idiots, too. ;)

Dawn said...

I like to re read Little Women when I can't fin anything that suits me. And I just read The Bobbsey Twins in the Country that I downloaded to my kindle. It was interesting to read as an adult. My first kiss was in 8th grade. It was gross!