Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Expo

This past Saturday we went to the Wildlife Expo.  It was a great day, and I thought you would enjoy my synopsis of it in pictures along with my random thoughts involving said pictures.  For example the picture above makes me laugh.  I look awkward, and my daughter is ducking down between us so we can look sweet and in love, but it is just truly hard to take a good photo holding the camera yourself.

There was a dog show involving labradors and golden retrievers.  I have much to say about this, but can tell you the rest in about a week.  See the girls?  They kept getting closer and closer and closer...Thankfully they didn't actually climb up on the stage like some kids!

The kids went kayaking.  I now am quite certain I need a kayak.  A two person one to be exact so I can go have fun when Studmuffin is fishing with my family over fall break.  I will strap it to the top of our Apache tent camper and drive it merrily down the road.  As I am the Queen of All Things Cheap or Better Yet Free, please advise if you know where I can get a cheap/free two person kayak.  Thank you.

We all got to pet an alligator...
And a millipede and snakes, and many other creepy crawlies.

Oh look!  Another self portrait!  How impressive.  I look fake.

Studmuffin gleefully posed with his new trophy:  Smoky the Bear.

Another beagle?  On top of the beagle who did NOT move to my house this summer, despite his attempts, we have had a beagle pup who lives one mile north of us show up in our yard a lot lately.  The girls bonded with this mama immediately.  What is God trying to tell me about beagles? 

Oh, lookey there!  Another self portrait.  I was feeling quite photogenic, apparently.  Too bad I'm simply pale and ghostly.  Oh, and look at my daughter in her dad's old Browning hat.  How sweet.

The girls stood in line to do a mini ropes course.  I sat on a bale of hay while they waited their turn.  Who knew walking around an expo and standing in line could make one's back ache so?

The Boy Scouts were on safety patrol.  As we were headed home, we stopped at Braum's where I ran in to grab milk and there was a group of scouts leaving.  Apparently one of them tried to mistakenly climb in our vehicle.  Their troop master stopped to tell Brent he was sorry for the mix up.  Brent said, "Yeah, he can track wild animals but he can't find his car in the parking lot!"

My husband...He's funny.

Popcorn did a mountain bike trail.  Alone.  Studmuffin had taken Bookworm to brush up on her archery skills, and my back was too unsteady for such folderol.  My last thought as she peddled away, "Please God, don't let any psycho pedophiles jump out and snatch her before the next kid comes down the trail."

My thoughts are never irrational.  Why do you ask?

If only I'd snapped this photo a split second later.  She totally wiped out.  It was great.  And unexpected.  And she laughed, so it was okay for me to laugh at her.

I see this photo, and my brain says, "Bend and SNAP!"  If you do not know Legally Blonde, that statement makes no sense.

Bookworm endeavoring to prove that she does have a future in archery...And that a scholarship in said field is totally a reasonable expectation.

We stopped at Pop's on Historic Route 66.  You must put HISTORIC in front of Route 66.  Not sure why, but you must.  Probably because it's in obsolete now that the interstate has come to town...

They have more sodas than you can fathom.  Bookworm went with Faygo made in Michigan....

This is Popcorn realizing her soda was from....LEBANON???  She had apparently grabbed a bottle from the international soda section.  Studmuffin and I both thought it tasted like a wine cooler... 

Seagram's golden wine coolers...

Do you remember Bruce Willis singing that commercial in the 80s/90s?  He is totally to blame for my sampling that bottle of sparkling goodness in college.

And, for our GRAND FINALE!!!!

Oooooh!  Look at the happy couple!  She with her Round Barn Root Beer and him with his Dublin Doctor Pepper...

Now.  Wasn't that fun?  What fun things has your family done recently?  Do tell!


Dawn said...

That looks fun. I hear the kayaks are propped in front of a local farm store and are free -- if you don't get caught Lol! But I'm not advocating a life of crime! I jest!

KiteFlyer said...

Dawn, you jest? So you are advocating a life of crime? LOL

Sigh... so much of this makes me pine for a trip to Oklahoma! Pop's and Dublin Dr. Pepper (as a Dr. Pepper fanatic, Waco, TX, with Dublin down the road, is my Mecca).

Mmmm, Braum's! It's fall, time for egg nog shakes. (pardon me as I pause to wipe the drool from the corners of my mouth.) We always stop in Alma, AR traveling to/from OK. It's the one farthest east on I-40.

Looks like y'all had a great time with a wide variety of activities.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Archery? Dog show? Kayaks? Okay, that looks like the most fun outing ever!

Paula said...

please please please get a two seater kayak. My family loves kayaking, but why waste the money when we have no water. You on the other hand could totally use it.

Marilyn said...

I did see a Kayak on the side of the road recently. I am sure it was free. It was just a little broken though. Didn't make the ride through an Oklahoma wind storm I guess. Someday I shall go to Pops and have a Dublin Dr. Pepper or a classic coke.