Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Did vs What I Should have Done

I got an unexpected day off today.

I immediately started thinking of all the things I should get done...Especially since I am hoping to pick up  a shift tomorrow to make up for today's lost shift.

As soon as I get back home I'm going to:

1.  Clean out my closet.
2.  Clean my bathrooms. 
3.  Paint my toes.

The list goes on, but I am too tired to think of much else.  After all, as you can guess by the blog title I didn't accomplish anything on my "should have done" list.

I was in the mood to shop.  Strange, as I never want to shop.  Of course the mood would strike me when I'm short a shift.  I decided to make a trip to the local consignment shop where I combed the racks for decent yet cheap clothes.  I left with three pairs of jeans, three shirts and a black sparkly dress.  All for my kids, of course!  And best of all I didn't even spend thirty dollars!

But that's not even the best part!  While there I got a great idea for a craft!

Yes, I the official noncrafter saw a craft idea and said, "I can do that!" 

Yay me!

After I left there I went to Walmart to purchase a new brush for a certain child who has a bit of a temper.  The kind of temper that leads to throwing things.  And perhaps breaking them.  Apparently the child threw her brush on the ground a few weeks ago when dealing with some particularly nasty tangles and the handle broke off.  She has been bumming off of her sister ever since.  This morning I realized that this sharing of the hair brush was adding to the rush of trying to get out the door and to the bus in the morning.  Originally I had decided she could just suffer and not have a brush, but for obvious reasons that didn't work.  By the way:  I am certain that no members of my family can relate to the urge to throw something when they are particularly angry.

So, I ran to Walmart and I got a new brush, plus the gift that I had signed up to bring for the local children's home gift drive.  While there, I decided to peruse a certain department to see if they had what I needed to make my craft.

And of course they did.

So, I came home and I made a practice version of the craft idea...

Guess who already has her gift idea from the heart idea for the family gift exchange?


Oh, and for anyone who is confused, my family has a tradition of exchanging homemade gifts at Christmas.  I both love and hate it.  Love the thought of getting a gift that someone crafted with love.  Hate the thought of having to come up with a gift that is not food...Because I could totally do food every single time.  But then everyone would always know what to expect from me...

And that would lead to disappointment, and the fervent hope that they don't get Andi's gift.  Again.

So.  I have an idea for a gift.

And I think it's pretty good.

But I can't even share a hint of it on this blog because my family reads it!  I am simply bursting to share my idea!

Seriously?  I just succeeded in keeping a secret for an entire month, and now I have to start all over again, and it has to last until Christmas?

I am so in trouble.


Taylor said...

Now I am so curious!

Sarah Kamolz said...

I have totally thrown and broken at least 2 brushes. And I am excited to see what your gift is! I know what I'm doing for mine and I'm super excited! Yay!

P.S. The Word Verification for me is "gonkers" ummm... we totally have to make that popular! Haha!

Dawn said...

Throwing things in a temper fit? I know not of which you speak... I'm dying to know what your crafty idea is! I've got to get on the ball. But I can't even think of anything to blog about!

Marilyn said...

My last word verification was nuddism. I am not kidding. Where do these words come from. Glad you had a fun day.