Monday, November 21, 2011

A Three Step Picture Tutorial to a Happier Mommy.

Oh no!  What shall I do???  The toilet paper roll is empty!!!

I know!  I will get another roll from the cabinet!!

There they are!  All nice and lined up, ready for the next person who needs it!  I'm so thankful I have a mommy who has a phobia about running out of toilet paper!

There!  I will sit it right here where it's nice and handy to all.

A few uses later the toilet paper roll has now moved from the back of the toilet to be stacked on top of the empty roll...

Fortunately for this family, they have a mommy who knows how to not only change the roll, but take a picture tutorial so they will NEVER have to stack roll upon roll upon roll...

Step One:  Remove old toilet paper roll.  This step is very crucial.  You see, the NEW roll will not fit on until the OLD roll has been removed!

Step Two:  Throw the OLD roll away!  This may seem superfluous, but I guarantee, your mother needs her sanity.  Please, please, by all that is good and holy:  THROW AWAY THE OLD ROLL!  I have heard rumors that sometimes something simple as an empty toilet paper roll left lying on the floor has caused lesser mommies than yours to lose her temper.  Unfathomable as it all seems, I fear this rumor may have a tiny seed of truth to it.

Step Three:  Place the NEW roll on the toilet paper dispenser, and snap it back in place.

And there you have it, folks.  Three simple steps to a happier saner mommy.

Gentle Reader:  Please feel free to print and post this easy Three Step Tutorial to a Happier Saner, Less Prone to Temper Tantrums Mommy in your own house.
Your welcome.


Sarah Kamolz said...

Jacob's response: "OMG" My response! HILARIOUS! Don't tell but I think my mom should print this to hang in Molly's bathroom. I haven't lived with her for a while but when I did share potty space... oh the aggravation! Thank you dearly for helping us out with the tutorial!

Caitlin said...

Love it Andi! Great work.

You're changing the world one toilet roll at a time.

I'd love a sequel which deals with male members of the family and their aim when using the loo.

With my ever increasing male household this has me a wee bit concerned. (Pun intended)

Dawn said...

I could print it and hang it in Molly's bathroom. But the part about throwing the empty roll away might give Sarah hives.....she had hundreds at one point.

word verification: Shally...
Shally on in and change out the toilet paper roll, will ya?

Marilyn said...

I don't remember going into my grnddaughters bathroom whenI didn't have to get out a new roll. It was like a contest to see if they could leave two squares on until I came. Hope the lesson isn't too late for them. I am not talking about my youngest granddaughters either.

MommaMindy said...

So funny! I blogged about this a few years ago because all THREE bathrooms were out of TP and nobody would refill the holder for days. How did we grow up to be so smart and talented that we can accomplish such great feats?