Friday, December 16, 2011

A Touch of Class.

Tuesday night the girls were in bed reading...

I was laying on the couch with my sedative (a fleece blanket over me and ice pack to my lower back.)  I was all decked out in my very best flannel pajamas.

At one point (somewhere between Last Man Standing and before we started Buffy on Netflix) Brent turned to me and said, "Bret called to tell me he decided to mount Barrett's buck."  Bret is his brother.  Barrett is his nephew.  This year Barrett got a ten point buck when they went hunting...

Brent got NUTHIN'.  Unless one counts the privilege of taking his nephew hunting...And I can assure you he doesn't.

Not that I care if he gets a deer...  Well, I care.  But only because my husband feel his testosterone levels are somehow linked to the quantity of animals he kills per year.

Anyway, he felt the need to tell me Barrett's deer will be mounted.

I tried to look interested...Secretly, I was just relieved said deer will not be in MY house...

"He's decided on the European mount."

Great.  He expects interaction with this conversation...

"What does that mean?" I inquired brightly.

"It's where they use this super confusing process that leaches all of the flesh off of the skull to make it super white..."

Okay, that's not what he said.  But I think that was the gist of it.

"Yuck.  Who would want to do that?  Mount a deer skull in their living room?  Gross."

He suddenly sat upright from his reclining position.  "I'm going to do it with the next coyote I get.  It's really classy!"

And at that, Gentle Reader, I began to laugh.  Hard.

And loud.

And quite obnoxiously...

I'm talking straight from the gut laughter.

Seriously?  A deer skull?  CLASSY????

He got a little huffy on me.  I have no idea why.  

"I'll prove it to you!  Just wait!"  And he victoriously pulled up a picture much like this on the computer:

Gentle Reader, I am afraid this did NOT make me come around to his way of thinking...I fear it only made me laugh harder...

He was quite put out with me...

While in no way am I able to deny that I lack all sorts of sophistication or refinement, I can't quite figure out how that monstrosity is going to elevate us in any sort of societal circles.

But that's just me.



Emily Sue said...

Brothers are called Brent and Bret? Doesn't that get confusing?? I would have NO chance of getting the right name for the right person. I have enough trouble with siblings when their names are nothing alike.

I'm with you - I've never been a fan of the "animal remains as decor" style of decorating.

Freckled Hen said...

I dunno, it might look good with some red and green Christmas balls hanging from the antlers...maybe some tinsel, too?

Dawn said...

Oh Emily Sue, I'm with you! Yes those names are confusing! And there's more to those family names. Andi should write about her inlaws names. I wouldn't mind a deer head truthfully. Not even a European mount. In my cabin on a lakeside in some wilderness area with canoes pulled up to the dock and Pendleton blankets strewn about and twig furniture on the deck overlooking a pristine view.

Marilyn said...

Brent needs a man cave. You know I can't even call your name without going through the list and poor popcorn gets the whole list of granddaughters sometimes. Relly that would look okay with some christmas decorations on it. Maybe a santa hat drooped over the skull!!!!

Annie said...

Hi Andi,

Thanks for dropping by my blog - Christmas baking is always a good indication of 'festiveness'! I'd have to concur with your thoughts on the bleached skull issue - I'm not sure how one could successfully work that into any decorating scheme other than hunting lodge-esque!

KiteFlyer said...

I'm a week behind on my reading. Trying to catch up.
As a man very secure in his manhood, I have to admit I can't see decorating with that.

Unless I was a huge Eagles fan.