Sunday, January 22, 2012

This List is REAL

Our lives have been in a state of turmoil lately.

Sadly, life does not seem to slow down when turmoil comes, but in some ways it seems to go into super fast forward and you just want to say, "WAIT!  Slow down!  I didn't have time to check homework or fold laundry, and I'm tired and all I want to do is sleep, but I can't sleep, and then the night drags on and on and on..."  And then the next day I'm tired and the day is flying by and I'm not managing time wisely because my brain is circling around and around topics that I have no control over, but can't seem to make myself stop worrying about.

Guess what?  In the midst of this turmoil my Grandma Irene is coming to my house for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER.   I'm super excited.  She will be here Tuesday evening.  I will work tomorrow.  I will work Tuesday.  I will be on call both of those days, unless I can find someone to switch with  me Tuesday.

So all of that whining is to say this:  After taking a two hour nap today (which I really did NOT have time for) I made a list of things that MUST be done before we all leave for work Tuesday morning.  I think the list is rather revolutionary if I do say so myself.   As I was writing this list, in the exact words I'm about to share with you, I said to myself:  Instead of packing the last of the red dishes on the hutch, I do believe I will blog this list. 

(Because my decision making processes are always full of wisdom and ambition.)

And so I am. 

Chores to be done before GRANDMA IRENE arrives on Tuesday afternoon:

-Dust (Your bedrooms too!)
-Clean your bathroom
-Vacuum your rooms

Brent & Andrea:
-vacuum remainder of house
-Hide Clutter in Closet if All Else Fails
-Our bathroom
-Oh no-We have basketball practice for Bookworm Monday night!

You see, I glanced at our hutch and number three simply flowed out of my brain and onto the paper.

I'm pretty sure it is imperative that it remain.

Now to figure out what to make for dinner for my Grandma Irene's first ever visit to my house...

I have some leftover chicken.  I'm nearly out of dog food, so I must stop at the store tomorrow on my way home from work.  I'm thinking I'll grab some refrigerated pie crust and make some pot pies tomorrow night for Brent to pop in the oven around 5pm or so Tuesday night...

It's either that or carry out pizza.


Marilyn said...

We will stop and get supper. I am so sorry for this. If you would rather her come by after....we will do that . Don't worry and hey use the dishes left on the hutch. Don't worry!!!!!

Emily Sue said...

Don't feed your Grandma dog food! Okay, I know that's not what you meant, but I read it that way at first and it cracked me up. ;) Hope the visit goes swimmingly.

Crazy Sister said...

I also entreat you not to mix up the dog food with Grandma food in your dazy haste.

She'll have a ball, no matter what you serve!

Dawn said...

All will be well! If its not one thing its another, right? And I know you are so excited for her to come! Oh yeah and the parents, too, of course!!

Megan said...

"Hide Clutter in Closet if All Else Fails"....LOVE IT!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love the hide clutter chore - that one's continually on my to-do list!

KiteFlyer said...

That's why no one is allowed to just drop by to visit us, and when they come for their planned visit, none go into our bedroom. Everything without a place ends up in there -- until everyone leaves, then it all goes back to the various places.