Saturday, February 25, 2012

Attractive Creeping

I have discovered an unsettling truth about myself.

I'm quite adept at being worthless.  Especially if my husband is out of town.  If he is gone, and I'm home with the girls, I immediately become worthless.

I'm fairly okay with that.

This weekend I was unable to be as unproductive as I'd like for the simple reason that my children needed new shoes for softball (which I'm so excited about I can't hardly stand it) and Popcorn had the audacity to grow out of her school shoes...

And I had to take Bookworm to her basketball game...

And clearly, my life is just so DIFFICULT.

Anyhoo, my nephew was in town the last two days for a state wrestling tournament.  He had asked me to try and meet up with him.  He is 17, and has all of the responsibilities of a 17 year old...

Trying to get the details of when/where to meet, or if it was even possible to plan ahead was next to impossible.  Of course, it ended up that we couldn't meet because he was busy with matches except the time frame we were at Bookworm's basketball game.  I told the girls that our plans for meeting Kris were cancelled.

They took it pretty well considering we had eaten early so Bookworm would not get sick in her game, so they were being quite the little complainers about having to wait to eat anyway.

Bookworm asked if he had a job.

"No, I don't think so."

"Well, he better get one if he wants girls to find him attractive.  Girls want guys to have money!"

And being the wonderful example I am, I died laughing...

And then texted Kris the tip that Bookworm had for him.

He LOL'd and said that he did too.

Me:  You find guys with money attractive too?

Kris:  LOL  NO!  I seriously need a job.

Me:  Good, because I was about to post a facebook prayer intervention with you tagged in the subject line.

And the reality is I'd probably do that, all in the name of being a bossy loving aunt...Because while he may think I'm creeping on him when I'm checking his facebook albums and status updates, I consider that part of being a loving aunt.  PLUS, I thought creeping was viewing without the person's knowledge.  I am very upfront with my nosiness loving concern.  At least I message him any concerns instead of voicing disapproval in comment form...

If course he DID block his status updates from my view.

Wonder why???


Emily Sue said...

Otherwise known as "a little bit of light stalking"... ;)

The Accidental Housewife said...

I'm a totally horrible to my thirteen year old brother in law in Facebook. I like to critique his posts. My best fodder was when he posted "sckool sux".... It's all for his edification, though. Nothing vindictive. He still loves me :)

KiteFlyer said...

"...needed new shoes for softball (which I'm so excited about..."

Excited for softball, or that you get to go shoe shopping?

Yeah, I stalk my kids. But I comment on their wall. So, technically, I guess that's not stalking. That'd be more like meddling.
8^D (Where's the emoticon for a big cheesy grin?)

Part of the word verification is speaking my language: slyuall, as in "sly you all", which goes with your post.