Monday, March 5, 2012

Proud Parenting Moment #187

This past week had all sorts of fun and excitement.

The biggest of which was that my brother's kids stayed the night with us after a concert on Tuesday, then took a college day to OU.  They got in late Tuesday night, then joined us for breakfast and a quick chat before heading to the campus to get the grand tour...

They got back to our house just in time to go with me to grab the girls from school.

WAIT!  I forgot to mention that as I dropped Popcorn off at school I noticed the book fair sign.

"Hey, today is book fair!"

"Yeah, but I'm out of money, so I'm not going." 

"Well, I have ten dollars in my purse.  If you promise to buy books with it, and not JUNK, you can have that."

"Thanks!"  And she hopped out of the car and ran to her friends to chat about the injustice of a mom who would not allow her to wear shorts to school on February 29, when it was going to be a blistering 70 degrees Fahrenheit...

Okay, now back to picking the kiddos up.  I had Brook and Kris with me.  Popcorn skipped to the car and climbed in.  "How was school?"

"Great!  I went to the book fair!"

"What did you get?"

And THIS is what she pulled out of her bag, Gentle Reader:

"SERIOUSLY???  I am going to BEAT you with that thing when we get home!  I TOLD you to buy a book!"

"But Mooooommm-uh!  I did buy a book!  A Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days book.  But I had three dollars left, so I bought this too!"

"What on earth are you going to do with that thing?"  This from Kris, thankfully.  I'd already shown my joy over the purchase with the first words from my mouth.

When we got home, I found the situation hilarious.  I decided that she MUST keep that stupid cat paw pointer for the rest of her LIFE.  And I decided that she must move it every single time she moves, and every time she moves, she must tell the tale of how she promised her mom to buy books, but she had three dollars left, that she absolutely HAD to spend, and obviously a cat paw pointer was the obvious choice...

In hindsight I wish we'd gone around taking photos of her pointing at stuff...But we were in a rush to get this quick picture done so she could leave for school Thursday morning.

 As you can see, she wore shorts on Thursday, because I'm a total sap.

What is your favorite, most ridiculous "why on earth did I buy THAT" purchase?


KiteFlyer said...

What kind of horrible mother are you to not let your kids wear shorts in 70 degree weather? They could die of a heat stroke.

When we first moved from Michigan, we got a talkin'-to by our kids' teachers because neither of them wore a coat to school when it was in the mid-50's. We said it was better than having them lose them because they took them off and forgot to pick them up.

I'll probably get another talkin'-to - from my better half this time - by saying our house has a room or two that look like they were decorated from those "why on earth did I buy THAT" moments.

Cat paw pointer? Brilliant! 8^)

Paula said...

I could use one of those!

My boys are in shorts already too. We had snow on Saturday morning and they were in shorts yesterday...of course it was in the upper 70's so how could they NOT wear shorts.

msdixie said...

howdy! love your blog! just surfin' through. be blessed!

Marilyn said...

When I was a girl....100 years ago...My mom told me I could not wear shorts until school was out. I thought it was a law or something because nobody else wore them either. I have bought a lot of stupid things that were on sale and never used or wore them. Good will gained some really good things from my stupidity. Good for Mindy to get something she can hang onto.