Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I'm Raising Children, Not Carpet

I once heard a friend tell her husband, who was frustrated by a stain on the couch "We are raising children, not furniture."  I thought that was a beautiful word of wisdom.  In fact, I frequently recite that phrase to myself as I look at the stains on my dining room chairs, and the stains on my carpets.  Of course, I'm also raising a husband, three cats and two dogs, so there you go. 

Translation:  My carpets are a disaster.

Sunday the girls colored Easter eggs.  Before we began, my youngest was popcorning all over the house, doing handstands and cartwheels and flips.  "You better get some control of yourself if you want to color eggs."  I'm pleased to report that she settled right down and did not have one single mishap. 

Have you ever noticed that some colors always turn out beautifully- like yellow- but every single year the purple is a disappointment?  This year the pink was especially bad.  I think that next year I will just try making dyes with food colors.

Bookworm decided she wanted to do half of one egg green, then the other half pink.  She carefully held the egg in each color.  She did the pink last.  We all shook our heads at the disappointing flecked appearance of the pink half of the egg.  She slowly and methodically reached across the table to the rack I had set out to dry the eggs on.  As she delicately released the egg to the rack, she let loose with a giant grin of relief and sagged back into her chair...

Catching the cup of pink egg dye with her elbow in the process.

As it turns out, the pink dye stains the carpet in a lovely dark pink color. 

And for the record, I did NOT pay her to dump dye on the carpet that I loathe. 

But I might have if I'd thought of it.


NaomiG said...

Ha! The house we just moved into has carpet. Horrible, very stained carpet. The house we moved FROM had lovely stone tile and a really high quality hardwood laminate floor. I have decided the Lord gave me this carpeted house just to re-affirm my hatred for carpet, so that when we go to build our dream/someday house, I will not put carpet ANYWHERE in it. Not in one single room.

Your eggs looks great! I did no such thing with my kids this year. Due to the fear of further destroying this rental's carpet. :-)

KiteFlyer said...

We're just a few years past the egg coloring stage to have personally tried this, but you might try using rubbing alcohol on the carpet. A friend turned us onto using it a couple of years ago for all our stains instead of Resolve, or other carpet spot cleaners.

I can personally attest that Resolve makes the carpet temporarily clean, until it starts attracting any and all dirt that even comes close.

The rubbing alcohol evaporates, and it doesn't leave any detergents behind. It works great on animal-caused accidents and pukes.

MommaMindy said...

I've also heard the comment, "I'm raising kids, not grass!" It' easy to fuss with your lawn and then not want the kids to play on it.

Once we got brand new carpet. I loved it! It looked awesome - for one week. Then, a tye-dying party gave me a bright orange circle spot.