Sunday, April 1, 2012

Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation

As I've mentioned about forty dozen times in previous posts, my girls went to my folks for Spring Break.  And my dad brought them with him to the lake when it was time to meet up for them to come home.  Brent and I brought hot dogs and chips and we all had a nice time just sitting at the lake chatting and enjoying that sense of calm that seems to descend when one is at a place where there really isn't a schedule.  

Unless one is fishing.  Which I'm usually not.

I prefer to sit on the shore and day dream or read, or go garage sale-ing if it's Fall Break. 

For fishermen it's OGF (Operation Get Fish.)  And yes, I just made up OGF, but it seems rather catchy don't ya think?  I think all four of my readers should start flinging this acronym around whenever the opportunity arises.  I'm pretty sure that it's going to go viral.  And then you can say, "I remember when an obscure blogger brazenly threw out that phrase.  It was a rare moment of genius and I was privileged to be a part of it."

Feel free to adjust the script to suit your needs.

Anyway, David and his son went out to put out jug lines, and Dad stayed on shore to chat with us while the girls (after exuberantly greeting us, then moving on to bigger and better things) ran around like wild Indians...

Which was imminently appropriate as we were in the Caddo Indian Nation at the time.

I was quite happy to realize I was wearing the appropriate foot wear when I looked down and saw I was standing on actual hieroglyphs as I shot pictures of an Oklahoma sunset.

Even if my Minnetonkas were actually made in China...

The sentiment was there and I was pretty sure I could hear the distant beat of a tom tom in the background.

Either that, or a boat wasn't running as smoothly as one would hope...

P.S.  Is anyone singing "Way Down Yonder in the Indian Nation" right now?  Well, I promise if you click  this link you will be happily humming for the rest of the live long day.
Your welcome.


Dawn Castor said...

You are dangerously close to stereotyping but you're funny is I will let you. ;). Beautiful pictures-- too bad this unseasonably warm sprung is making me think of miserable hot weather to come! And by the way--I don't want to prove I'm not a robot!

Anonymous said...

Those hieroglyphs look like they are in English.

OGF all the way!

gianna said...

OH, I'm so with you on the fishing thing! When I do catch one, my husband is all like, "Don't you want to keep going and trying?"
And I reply, "No. No. I'm good. I don't need to catch anymore. I accomplished the goal."

Marilyn said...

Love the pictures.