Monday, June 25, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer?

 Not so far.

I think that statement is reserved for school aged children and teachers.

Because it seems to me as if the rest of the world is continuing with life as before...

I still have to go to work.  The house work still piles up along with the laundry.  The family still needs food.  Only if you have a love of pretty flowers you have heaped another chore onto your plate.

Unless you have school aged children who are now doing a large chunk of your house work.  Not as well as you might have done it.  But as long as you're not doing it, who can complain?

Saturday I weeded my flower beds while the girls picked rocks.  Brent was at the church weed eating.


Oh!  Are you wondering WHY on earth my girls were picking rocks?  Because we got a new septic that's why!  Woot! Woot!  I swear I was more giddy over that septic than any gal ever was over a measly ole diamond...

But that septic probably cost more than the vast majority of diamonds.  

We are having a party next weekend for Independence Day.  My flowers are looking fabulous.  My grass is green and my weeds are limited.

 I'm not sure how  to make the pile of dirt and rocks disappear or at least appear attractive by next Saturday.  However, if I wait for the yard to look perfect, I will never have people over because I live in a land of unfinished projects.  Ninety percent of which are projects I myself have started.  So, instead of freaking out over it and working frantically tomorrow (which is Sunday) to make it look like it's been there forever, I think I will float in the pool with the girls.

What things do you do to make summer time a special time?


Roni said...

Really? I love you, my friend, but I have to disagree about the teacher thing. I got out of school only to have to instantly go to a week-long training, and now I've started an online class (again for my teacher training) that is KILLING me! I wasn't made to spend 5 or 6 hours a day staring at the computer (unless it is reading your blog! LOL!) Then I have to fit in some time to plan for next year - since I'm starting from scratch! Anyhoo, feel better knowing my house is also in various stages of disarray and the laundry is threatening to take over. But I'm looking forward to coming to your house for the big ta-do! :-)

The Lumberjack's Wife said...

Your flowers look so pretty! I am weeding this summer. That's it. Just weeding.