Monday, November 5, 2012

Pandora's Box of Curls

Since Halloween is officially over, I decided to clean the cobwebs from my light fixtures.

I officially change jobs this week.  I'm still working at Saints, but I will now be in float pool.  This basically means I have complete control over when and how long I work, but WHERE I work within the hospital will change from day to day.  I loved my old job, but needed more flexibility and my "AHA" moment came when I was talking with our band president the other day.  "Dawn works as a nurse, and it's the perfect career for a mom.  She just sets her schedule around her kids."

Such a simple statement.  But I was immediately taken back in time to my previous life as a pool nurse where I did that exact thing.  After much prayer I decided to change departments, and I must say I'm excited, although a little sad to leave a job that I love.

I am addicted to Pandora radio.  Specifically Michael Buble' radio.  I may have a tendency to turn to Paula Abdul, or New Kids on the Block, but they are passing aberrations and Michael will always seduce me back to his big band jazzy ways.

I was devastated that Dierks Bentley cut off his tousled curls.

 Perhaps I am having regression to my teen years, as I didn't know I was so attached to those curls until they were gone.  Sort of like the Bieber fans when he cut his hair.  Only I wept silently in my pillow instead of posting hate messages to him on twitter and facebook.

 Tomorrow is election day.  I keep hearing my dad's voice in my head saying, "Vote out the incumbent."  Except Tom Coburn.  But that's my opinion, not sure about Dad's there.  We also have some big questions on the ballot.  I need to read up on them today so I can vote knowledgeably tomorrow.  I've read through them once, but I need to make a cheat sheet so I don't screw it up.

Laundry is the enemy.  It never goes away.  Ever, ever, ever.

Yesterday my children's choir sang in church.  They did so well that I made them HOMEMADE popcorn and chocolate chip cookies.  They complained that the popcorn wasn't buttery or salty enough.  And half of them proceeded to throw away the treat bags I made them.  THEN, they complained that some of the cookies were too crispy and they threw those away too!  I was HORRIFIED.  Where are manners today?  My girls were shocked when they came into my class at the end and heard some of the "ungrateful wretches" complaining about their treats.  They were even more dismayed to see popcorn in the trash.  You see, I had used the very last of our popcorn to make the treat, so my kids didn't get to eat their traditional popcorn, cheese, and apple Sunday supper.

My choir members usually get to pick out a piece of candy if they behave during choir at the end of rehearsal, but I'm seriously considering not giving them any next week, citing their atrocious manners and general ungrateful attitudes from this past Sunday.  But it will probably not do any good, and they won't get what I'm talking about.

And it's really Disney Channel's fault.  (Not really, but we all need to point the blame at someone, right?)  Have you seen how disrespectful the kids are on those shows?  And it's presented as humorous.  My kids have been watching Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith, and even Dennis the Menace after school lately. We recently discovered Burns and Allen.  That show is hysterical! And George Burns was ANCIENT in that show.

 How come all of the parents in those sitcoms were so much older than the actual reflection of society, I wonder?  I know I sound like an old fogy, but they all had a "moral of the story" approach.  Now TV is just for entertainment (which I'm all for), with the intent to cram moral filth down our children's throats.  What I need to remember is that I CAN control what is brought into my home.  I may not be able to control what they hear in school, etc, but I CAN limit what is acceptable in my home.

So, I guess I will end this rambling go nowhere post with it's Pandora's box of rants and random thoughts.

What do YOU have planned for this week?  Make sure it includes voting tomorrow!


Taylor said...

I am sorry about the treats. :( My girls love Leave it to Beaver!

Givinya De Elba said...

I'd be a bit shocked about the kids' response to the treats you made them too! Tell us what you decide to say to them next week, I'd love to know how someone wiser than I would deal with it :-)

Hope your new job works out well! And I remember Leave it to Beaver too!

Crazy Sister said...

Michael Buble is excellent. There's an Aussie Christian singer called Michael Battersby who sings the same style, and I'm loving his music this week.

Paula said...

Bad manners start at home. The kids should know better, but if they aren't required to have good manners in their home they aren't gonna start with a one shot "talkin' too" I do believe you can impact them, by requiring good manners all the time and naming bad behavior every time you see it. Of course that means your singing practice time may greatly diminish.