Monday, October 27, 2008

Corrections from yesterday's post

First, dear reader, I must make a correction in yesterday's post. My beloved informed me that the first hockey game happened in Canada, not Alaska. I apologize for misleading any of you on this oh-so-important detail.

Second, I need to change the way I refer to my beloved online. He doesn't care for hubby, so we discussed it and..........Studmuffin it is!

Of course there is a story behind this name. And let's be honest even if there weren't a story, I'd make one up just to have something to blog about. Oh, if only my life were half as interesting as I like to pretend. But again, dear reader if you don't agree with the fascinatingness (new word there!) of my life, please keep it to yourself. My ego is fragile, and my heart is so tender. Oh, I'm laughing out loud now!!

But, back to the story.....

Many years ago (1995 to be exact) studmuffin and I were dating. We'd been dating for about a year by then, but I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting his stepsisters family (I'd met the stepsister...she roomed with my sister in college). My husband has a nickname that his family uses, and she asked him if I called him by the family nickname. "NO," he replied, "she calls me studmuffin."

I don't know if Dana has ever let him completely live that down, but we decided to resurrect the old name for blogging purposes. Thank you, Dana, for the inspiration you gave us years ago for an online pet name for my man. From now on all future references to my beloved will be Studmuffin.

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Dawn said...

Or you can reverse the letters and call him mudstuffin! hahaha! Love ya Brent!