Friday, October 24, 2008

Offing a Virtual Husband

That got your attention, didn't it?

Well, for those of you who don't have Yahoo for your home page, you really missed out this morning. Apparently a 43 year old woman in Tokyo is facing up to 5 years in prison for killing her virtual husband when she realized he suddenly divorced her. Yep, the lady was pretty upset and used the information she'd gained during their happy marriage to hack his computer and kill off his virtual persona.

How funny is that? I'm still laughing about it. I can't get the image out of my head... Her shocked and horrified countenance as she discovers the treachery of her virtual husband. Her swift vengeance.... "I'll kill him!.... Hey wait a minute... I really will kill him! That'll teach that so and so to divorce my online avatar!" Then with maniacal laughter ringing through her tiny Tokyo apartment, void of any furniture except a low table with cushions thrown around it and a high dollar laptop in a position of prominence in the middle of it. The cushions are, of course red with gold embroidery and she has little jade statues scattered throughout the room with pictures of cranes and women in kimonos with white painted faces adorning her wall. The only necessary appliances in this spartan aparment is her beloved Wok and a kettle for brewing white or green tea. Oh, there may be a bottle of saki somewhere in the house, to help kill the pain of her sudden betrayal.

Let's see... Did I leave out any stereotypes? How about the ripe smell of ginger and soy sauce in the air? Or perhaps, some lovely incense burning? I don't know... take this where your imagination will, but I for one found this story to amusing not to share.

Hope everyone's having a happy Friday. I sure am. The girls don't have school today for parent teacher conferences. So, we've spent the morning laying around in pajamas, watching Scooby Doo, and for myself, drinking vast amounts of coffee...That could account for my wild imaginings. Too much java always makes it hard for me to keep up with my thoughts.

The girls have now moved on to crafts, and I originally logged on to pay bills (blech!) when I discovered the lovely aforementioned article, and was inspired for today's blog.

Now, I must sadly move on to my chores. My husband has oh-so-sweetly asked me to vacuum the pool so we can winterize and cover it. Why do I always get the crummy jobs? My wonderful hubby informed me it's because I'm the wife. Can I apply for a new position? How about trophy wife? That certainly seems to imply very few responsibilities except looking good and making sure he looks good in the process.

I also have to vacuum the house and clean the bathrooms. The girls will dust and mop the floors. They hate dusting, but love mopping. I tell them that when they become mommies they can make their children do the chores they like the least, and get as much joy out of watching their own little Cinderellas do the chores the wicked mommy hates to do. It helps build a child's character to ensure they have plenty of drudgery in their lives. How can they ever truly appreciate free time if I let them languish on the couch all day?

Besides, when we finish with all of the drudgery, we will have all weekend to mess it up again and just enjoy time as a family... We also plan to make cookies today. Not sure what kind yet, I'll let you know.


Sarah Castor said...

Haha! Love the descriptions! Great blog! And I love your reasoning for why the children do the yucky chores.

By the way, I do not hesitate in informing you that I have recently "popped a squat." I went camping with Andrew and some friends and needed to use the potty, so in the dark of the night I went behind a bush with a role of toilet paper. I had some difficulty but got the job done without soiling my clothing.

encomium said...

Killing a virtual husband is much less messy at least. Hope you had fun with all your wifely chores! You are teaching your girls about the virtues of hard work!

encomium said...

oops that was really a Dawn, Not a Molly comment!

Anonymous said...

Who's the big stud in the life vest, he's must be really cool. You are probably a very lucky to have captured such a man