Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside

So...what I have learned thus far today at 8:35 on a November morning. When you are sitting crying, and reading your sister's blog, and your dog is doing a strange yip outside, you better go investigate.

I thought she had a small animal cornered, because the yip was very similar to that, only slightly different. I originally planned to ignore her, because I don't like to see her kill mice, rats, birds, whatever she is "hunting" that day. But, again, this yip seemed different.

*SIGH* This is as bad as my kids. What does she want?

Dear Reader, I'm not used to cold weather. My poor dog isn't either. She was very mystified by the large cold mass in her water bowl. She was yipping at it, like that would accomplish something. She'd lick it and yip. Well, I chuckled and gave the poor dear a drink. Confession: after I spent a split second being mystified as to how I would fill said bowl since the water hose was frozen solid. Again, I'm not used to cold weather! I disconnected the hose, turned on the tap, and aha! Water! I KNOW! Sheer genius!

Anyway, don't call PETA or anything, but I had a good chuckle at the dog, then had a moment of envisioning her tongue stuck to the bowl, and you gotta admit that would have been funny too. In a sad, pitiful, poor dog way. (and yes, I realize tongues stick to metal, not ice water, but you know how my mind wanders)

Well, have a great weekend! I have another post coming to you today, and I promise, you don't want to miss it.....That is, if you like laughing at other people's idiocy, and of course, long rambling posts!


Sarah Castor said...

You cried on my mom's blog? How sweet! Yeah it is way cold outside!

Dawn said...

Have you forgotten your farm upbringing? You'd better drain that hose or you're gonna have a water leak! I've been wondering if you're freezing yet!

Becky said...

Silly pooch... sounds like hes not used to the cold either. Ever poped an ice cube straight from the freezer to your tongue? oh yeah it sticks. :-D