Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Hate Cleaning House!

For anyone who tried to view this Wed, I apologize. I was only starting, and hit "enter" in the title box twice. I learned that automatically posts your blog. Woops!

Wanna know what's pitiful?
This all happened so quick.
I cleaned house Friday.
We were gone all weekend.
I worked yesterday.
What the heck happened in this place?

Do you know what I need? I need a house fairy.
You know, like the one off of Ella Enchanted.
I love that movie.

How the heck did I cook dinner in this very kitchen last night?
I'll tell ya how. I shoved it all out of the way,
then worked in a tiny area.
I pretended we were living in a travel trailer again.

I like living in a fantasy world.
Come join me, it's fun.
Of course, coming to the real world can be kind of painful.

I am not completely hopeless.
I do still make my bed every day.
Okay not every day, but most days.
At least, on the days that I feel like it.
But seriously, my mom did drill one thing into my head.
"Make your bed every day."

Hey, Mom, why didn't you tell me to clean my desk every day?

Or pick up my kids' dresser every day?
How do they manage to have so many piles of stuff?
How do they find anything?
I'll tell ya how, I find it for them, that's how!
Then, I get frustrated and organize the whole thing,
and a week later it's just like it was before I started!

But, alas, Wednesday I cleaned.

And cleaned some more.

I dusted. I swept. I mopped.
I cleaned BOTH bathrooms!
I knew a dear sweet lady in South Texas who always compared cleaning to the sin in her life. She said she never minded cleaning, because she always thought of how filthy she'd be without Jesus' blood to remove the stain of sin from her life.
Isn't that a beautiful image?
Oh, Dear Reader, I still hate cleaning.

The great part about cleaning all day Wednesday?
We eat at church on Wednesday night.
That means no dirty kitchen!

That means that Thursday morning, my kitchen still looked like this.

Oh, and my kids bedroom?

Ummm, you see,

Shouldn't cleaning their room be THEIR responsibility?

What am I teaching them if I clean up all of the messes in their lives?


That's what I'm thinking.

And, that's why their room looks like.............


Dawn said...

Confession is good for the soul! I like your coffee table and the recliner and the paint in the girls bedroom! And I like the red stuff in your kitchen! And I always make my bed (or Les does) but the girls? That's just a battle I choose not to fight! That's why we have bedroom doors!

Stephanie said...

Confession...I haven't made our bed in over three years. I do wash the sheets however. Since Ben has arrived it's a whole new world at our house. I only get cleaned what people will actually see when they come over. :-)