Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Family Time

Okay, I'm kicking myself that I didn't take pictures...I was cooking fish at the time, and you know when you're cooking fish, that's all you can do. BTW, yes, I have a camera. No, it's not mine. The truth is, it's my mom's. Yes, I'm buying my own. I've been saving up my spare change, and finally have enough to go replace my washed up one. So, for now, the recycling continues.

Anyway, we had the sweetest evening last night. Do you ever have those times as a family when you're just so overwhelmed by the beauty of it, you can't believe it? And don't you wonder why it's not always that way? My theory is that I'm usually too busy, tired, or just wrapped up in my own world to stop and notice how blessed I am.

Bookworm has an assignment due next Monday. She has to do a report on a Native American tribe, and she has to recreate the home they would have lived in. Yep, no more papers on Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett and the Alamo. We're not in Texas anymore. Here in Oklahoma it's all about Native Americans. Bookworm was disappointed when all of her classmates could share what tribe they were from, and that they had "Indian blood" in them. Her grandma told her she has Indian in her too....She is 1/128 Native American. She was pleased as punch. The question is....What tribe? I always thought Granddad Pat told me we were Apache, and "we were mean." That seemed to fit! :) But, my mom thinks we're Cherokee. I don't know, but all Bookworm really cares about is having "Indian blood" in her. But, as usual, I've digressed...

Have I ever mentioned I'm not crafty? Well, I'm not. Studmuffin always helps with the school projects. This works out well, because he loves it, and if I start to help, it's a slap-together job, and never as detailed or creative as he would do so...

Studmuffin was helping Bookworm with her tipi, (She chose the Sioux tribe. That's not even on OK tribe, but hey, we're expanding horizons here!) and Popcorn was being Popcorn, flying all over the house doing cartwheels and somersaults. The tipi is going to be so cool. I'll definitely have to snap pictures when they're done, so you can all be in awe with me! I was cooking potatoes, tilapia, and spinach salad (our favorite meal, and it takes, like, 15 minutes to make.) We sat down and enjoyed a peaceful meal with not a single complaint of "I don't like" except from Bookworm, and she isn't fond of spinach. But, she did eat it with a minimum fuss.

After dinner, Popcorn got out a puzzle, and Studmuffin helped her put it together while I googled tipi decorations for Sioux Indians. Then, Studmuffin and I cleaned the kitchen together. Again, I'm so glad he has a job that he can actually be around us more, and has the energy to step up and help me clean the kitchen. I hate cleaning the kitchen, but if he helps me, it's always fun. We pop each other with kitchen towels, and generally torment each other, until I almost wet my pants with laughter. This wouldn't be such an issue if I didn't hate taking time to go to the bathroom. I mean, it's such a waste of time. I can always think of something to do, like read a blog, or fold laundry (again, a chore I hate.) Or, even CLEAN THE KITCHEN!

I just have to say it again, for any hubbies reading this (which I doubt are, but maybe a few check in). Your wives love it when you help clean the kitchen. We like it even better when you do the whole thing, but of course that's not fun for you. I bet she'll even let you get a free grope in occasionally while you walk by to clean the stove. Hey now, be honest, you know you're doing it, and you know she's letting you, because, again, we hate to clean the kitchen alone. So, we'll make it more fun for you too! Again, I'm just being honest here!

Last night's good feelings spread into this morning. Studmuffin had an early breakfast meeting, but when Popcorn woke up she came in and snuggled with me in bed before we started the day, and then Bookworm got up too. She didn't have time for a snuggle. *sniff* My baby is growing up. Popcorn asked me to bring her Sonic to school and eat lunch with her, and I offered to do the same for Bookworm....No, she just wanted me to make her a lunch, and no, I don't need to sit with her during lunch. *sniff-sniff* She's getting too big, I guess, to hang out with Mom. The girls got ready for school with no yelling, fighting, or dawdling. Seriously, it's like I fell into another dimension or something, but I just enjoyed it while it lasted. I drove them to school, we said prayers for the day, and off they went!

Now, wasn't that a long, rambling post about nothing? I know it was. I guess I just want to relish how peaceful and simple the last 24 hours have been. And I'm asking myself why it isn't always this way. Whatever the reason, I praise God for the gift he gave me. It's a wonderful life.

Psalm 9:1-2
I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart: I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name, O Most High.


Dawn said...

Long rambling posts full of nothing are the best--I guess cause that's what I have! And Yeah, you have a picture. And I think that Indian blood thing is just a Richard family fable. Except for the mean part. :) Just kidding. Some days.

Dawn said...

And I guess you noticed I copied YOU with the Bible Verse Ending. I decided to do the "Christian" part of my header! haha!

Becky said...

"I bet she'll even let you get a free grope in occasionally while you walk by to clean the stove. "

LOL, I am dying... that is exactly what its like here. I'm trying to cook/clean and he is trying to help/grope. You nailed it LOL!

Rambling posts are the best. Makes for a good read. :-) God Bless.