Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun with Paper Dolls

The Christmas tree has a skirt and presents!
Notice the table cloth, and even a cake!

Well, it's that time of the year again...CHRISTmas time, and that has gotten me to thinking about holidays as a kid. I've been shopping for the girls, (of course, I'm dying to tell you what they're getting, but Bookworm has a tendency to want to read my blog, and I'd hate to spoil anything.) I do have some restraint. Very little, but some!
These are educated young ladies.
The teacher had extra clothes you could attach to the schoolhouse.

I love Christmas...I always have. My favorite thing about Christmas is, of course, Jesus. Without him, I would have nothing. He has given me the best gift of all...salvation (hey, you know it's free or I wouldn't have it!) I wouldn't have hope of eternal life spent in glory with my Lord. I can't wait to talk to Him. I've got lots to say, and lots of questions, and luckily for me we will have eternity, cuz you know it will take me that long to stop talking!
The kitty is curled up next to the rocker.

My next favorite thing about Christmas! Of course, I'm sure you've figured that out about me. But, you may be surprised to find it's actually GIVING the gifts that's my favorite part. I love finding the perfect present, or thinking of the perfect craft to make someone. In case anyone's wondering Christmas is my only time to even think of crafting. I'm not generally creative that way. I can cook and I can talk, and I can boss people around, but crafting? That requires patience and a certain sort of inspiration that I don't have (I think the inspiration comes when you sit and think about something, 2 things that I don't do well.)
A wardrobe for every occasion!

But, this blog isn't about making things, it's about Christmas as a kid. Wasn't it all so magical as a kid? We used to spend every Christmas Eve at my great grandma's house. She always gave us pajamas. My dad is one of 2 boys, so this was usually a nice little gathering with my folks and my Uncle Lynn's family (he had 2 kids) and of course, Granddad Marvin and Grandma Irene (the Original Prairie Woman). On the way home we always saw Rudolph's nose. We lived about 4 miles of dirt road away from her, and I was always afraid we wouldn't get home and in bed before Santa got there. Of course, I also secretly hoped we'd catch him at our house....How cool would that have been?
I'm tellin' you , these things are too cute!

On Christmas morning my brother always woke me up at like 4am to see what Santa brought us. We would sneak into the living room (the light HAD to stay off, Christmas tree lights only) and look at all of our Santa presents (he never wrapped ours) and we would raid our stockings. It was pretty dark, so if you wanted a really good look, you had to hold it up to the Christmas tree to see it well. I never understood why David would never let me play with my toys, and we had to put everything back in the stocking in the order that we took it out. David was 6 years older than me, and much wiser. We weren't allowed to get my parents up until 5:30. Of course, David would have me go ask them several times before that if it was time to get up. He never went because he said I was younger and cuter and they'd probably get up for me. Again, David was much wiser (sneakier) than I was, so I usually followed instructions. After we FINALLY drug everybody else out of bed, we'd all get to look at our Santa presents, and stockings with the lights on! After Santa gifts, we opened presents from each other.
Carrie is decorating for Christmas!

After we opened presents, my sister Dawn would begin picking up the carnage that our living room had become (she's annoyingly responsible that way) and Mom would go make this HUGE breakfast for us. If I was lucky it included bran muffins-still my favorite muffin of all time-with butter and plum jelly YUM-O! I'm sure Dawn or Paula helped in some of that preparation, but again, as the cute little one there were very few expectations of me on Christmas morning other than to put my stuff away and stay out of the way. My siblings have often mentioned the breaks I got as the youngest, and I've never denied them. Hey, someone has to fill that role, and I'm happy to oblige.This thing can provide not hours, but YEARS of fun!

After breakfast we would go to my Granddad Pat's and Grandmama Dolly's house. My mom's side of the family is HUGE and that was always an experience. My mom is one of 5 siblings, so by the time they all had families, it was quite an event. For some reason I would get so excited/nervous for this gathering that I usually got sick. I'm not sure why, but I seem to recall spending several Christmases lying on the bed until I felt better at Grandmama's. Dont'cha wish you had one of your own?

My favorite gift of all time at that celebration was a paper doll set from my cousin Isaac. I loved it. It was a Gingham Girl paper doll set, with a house and everything. It came in this giant magazine looking thing, and I got to punch it out and assemble the house, furniture, everything. I still have it. It's in a drawer in my garage, and, no kidding, I got it out and looked at it last week. In fact, my girls played with it all weekend at my parents. Aunt Patty, if you're reading this, great gift idea. I somehow doubt Isaac picked it out for me. Whoever actually picked it out, I love it, and thank you!
Bedroom furniture, a sewing machine, they each even had their own scissors and needles!

What about you? Don't you just love Christmas? I want to challenge us all, myself included to remember the magic of Christmas this year. Remember the joy we felt as children at this time, and try to focus on that instead of the expectations of what we should be getting done. Have fun, enjoy the holiday, and spend extra time reminding each other why we are even doing all of this. ....the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, who came to bring salvation to the world.


Dawn said...

ok. Time for a picture--not that shadow object in my followers list!

Becky said...

What a great post. I love Christmas too. Especially now that the excitement has been passed on to my kids. I bought my two older girls some paper dolls to play with at church. They are bigger though and just come with clothes. Fun!