Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Belated Halloween Post

Don'tcha just love Halloween?

The mad dash to figure out which costume to wear...the caramel apples, the popcorn balls, the candy...

The girls had a wonderful day o' fun. Their school let them wear costumes to school...We weren't allowed to when I was growing up. Too disruptive.

Popcorn was a cheerleader for her party at school. Of course, we have so many costumes to choose from, that she was Tinkerbell for trick or treating. Oh, and the orange stripes in her hair? You see, her costume was just a little too tame for her, and this is how we mixed it up a little. Doesn't every good cheerleader have orange stripes in their hair? Hey, did you know that Tinkerbell can run amazingly well in a pair of flip-flops?

Now, Bookworm was pretty darn creative with her costume. She wanted me to buy her a pirate costume. Aaah, dear reader, I have a confession to make. It's simple really. I'm cheap. There. I've said it. Why buy costumes when we really have a giant plastic storage bin full of costumes that have never been worn? Contributed to our little family by the people who know and love me and take pity on my poor children, wanting them to have a wide range of costumes to choose from (you see, they understand that I'm cheap.) Thank heavens for family to take pity on my little ones. Well, Bookworm was not satisfied with any of the costumes to choose from. She wanted to be a pirate. Hey, I'm not completely unrelenting. I spent a whole dollar on an eye patch and a hoop earring. She has brown boots, an oversize shirt, and a belt to cinch it up. Slap a pair of leggings on and I figure that's a pretty good costume. Well, apparently not for her. She decided on her own to be Kim Possible. For those of you who don't have young girls, this is an action hero for girls. She is "your basic average girl, and she's here to save the world." She also happens to be a cheerleader at her school. Well, Bookworm created her costume out of school clothes, the trusty orange hair spray, and of course, a walkie-talkie to be the Kimmunicator. I thought the outfit was genius, but apparently a few of the people asked her if she was dressed as a school girl when we were trick or treating. Oh well, I guess not everyone can recognize genius when they see it.

Now for your reading pleasure, a dialogue of Halloween night.

Bookworm: Popcorn! Slow down! You're supposed to wait for everyone else! (We were trick or treating with another family.)

Popcorn: (no response, she's too busy running flat out to the next house)

Bookworm: Popcorn! There's a car coming! You're supposed to be with us! You're supposed to hold a hand! And where are our flashlights? This is not safe trick or treating.

Popcorn: (still no response to her sister, she has, thankfully said trick or treat and thank you to the lovely people sharing their plethora of candy with her)

Bookworm: Are we all together? Good.....Popcorn? What are you doing eating that candy? That is not safe! We are not supposed to eat any of the candy until our parents have inspected it!

Popcorn: still no comment. After all, it's not polite to talk with your mouth full!

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Dawn said...

HA! Popcorn probably never heard her sister. It's probably a constant white noise to her by now!