Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An addendum to yesterday's list

So, here's why I don't make resolutions...Resolutions infer, well....resolve! And I don't resolve to do much! I plan...not resolve (unless it's carpet cleaner, and with the puppy, I get plenty of action there!) I feel compelled to show the updated list from yesterday. This is why I love lists. If I don't complete the list, it just gets transferred to the next list! Oh, and I know this is way too much info, but when I was in nursing school, working, and president of our local chapter of the National Nurses Student Association, I was so crazy busy, that I LIVED by lists....So much so, that if I did something that was NOT on my list, I would add it, just so I could cross it off....psycho, I know, but it's true. But, I've digressed, we're discussing the progress of yesterday's list....

1. Check blog....of course I did this, and I did it again today.

2. I did finish the laundry...5 loads, and I folded and PUT IT AWAY! Woops, except that small pile in a laundry basket on my bedroom floor...

Excuse me.......

#2 is done!

3.I did not empty and reload the dishwasher...No, instead I piled the dishes a mile high beside the sink, and my hero Studmuffin emptied and reloaded it after he put the girls on the bus this morning....And he emptied it again while I cooked supper tonight! And helped me put dishes away after supper!

4. I exercised...I overdid it. I programmed the TV to automatically change to "Gilad: Bodies in Motion" at 3:30. After it was over, I noticed a workout was coming on that used an exercise ball. I have one of those. So far all of the exercises I've tried on it weren't very challenging...I decided to give this one a whirl......Okay, it was a challenge. Bookworm did it with me on her playground ball. We had a lot of fun, but it turned out instead of a 30 minute workout it was ONE HOUR LONG! And every time he went to commercial we returned to "basic bounce" throught the whole commercial. I walked around on rubber bands the rest of the night. And my back was killing me at work today. I'm not sure if it was standing all day, and 2.5 hours of it being in a lead apron for ONE PROCEDURE on ONE PATIENT....I actually resorted to doing thigh stretches during the procedure it was hurting so dadgum bad. My buttocks are sore. My thighs are sore....But, it was a fun workout...bouncing on a giant ball, dribbling it, rolling across the floor on your tummy on the ball...I recommend it. It was on here on FIT tv at 4pm. Check it out. I do know that particular workout hour is different every day, but I think there's a system on days of the week. Oh, and my back could hurt because my girls could do a backbend over their balls, so I tried it too...without success.

5. Bible Study: did it!

6. I actually decided I didn't need to go to the store!

Well, I don't think I'll be able to post for a few days. I work again tomorrow. Studmuffin's grandma passed away, so we are going to her funeral Thursday, and then I work again Friday. So, I may not chat with you for a few days! Let me know if I miss anything exciting. Be sure I will analyzing my life for "bloggable" moments!

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Becky said...

I'm so sorry about your Grandma in law.

Here you are freaking out about me taking off for 2 days and you aren't even going to be here yourself. You crack me up. I love your list recap. And I add things to my lists just to cross them off too :-p