Monday, January 5, 2009


Remember how I like lists? Well, I've been inspired by all of the New Year's lists that my blogger friends have been sharing. But, first a confession (I love confessions), I never make New Years resolutions. Why resolve to do something I know I'll give up on? But lists? I like lists.....

So, here is a list, for your reading pleasure:

What I will do today

1. Check my blog: done! Yeah, one thing off of my list already!
2. Do laundry: 2nd load going right now.
3. Empty dishwasher. Reload dishwasher. (I hate this chore)
4. Exercise. (Can you say: See it jiggle, watch it wiggle? Unfortunately, I can see WAY too much. I've slacked off on exercise since before Thanksgiving. Time to get moving again.)
5. Bible Study: Ummm, why must I put this on my list? Why hasn't it became a daily routine, as vital as my morning coffee? I want to emulate devotion to God for my girls, I nag them about obedience to Him, and yet, I'm disobedient....Okay, that's next on my list, move this up to number 2!
6: Go to the store. It's Monday y' day.

A 2nd list for your reading pleasure:

What I WANT to do today:

1. Read a book
2. Get a massage
3. Get a pedicure
4. Take a long hot bath.
5. Take a nap.

And yet ANOTHER list for your reading pleasure (I like that phrase today):

My wishes for 2009

1. New counter tops for my kitchen. This used to be a possibility. Now, it's a dream. I had to finally ditch my van and get a new vehicle. I'll tell you that story some day. Seriously, it was only a bobblehead chihuahua short of total redneckdom. Or a hula girl. And, if you have either one of these, I'm sorry, but you are a redneck.
2. Since new counter tops are no longer an option, I plan to paint them. Please do not tell Studmuffin of these plans. He thinks it will not be durable. I plan to use counter top paint. I will have to do it on a day before we leave town for a while, as the counters cannot be used for 2-3 days while the new surface cures. It may not be as durable, but I ask you...Can it be worse than burn marks, stains and scratches? I will use my Christmas money that I have stashed away to buy the supplies, so even though I'm disobeying my husband here, at least it isn't out of the family budget.
3. Build a new fence for the backyard. My requirements are small...It can be chain link. Many of you are saying "redneck" in your head. I concede your point. I am a redneck, and I don't want a privacy fence blocking my view of the field behind me and "my" herd of cattle (no, they're not mine, but I love watching them, even if they do bring in kazillions of flies.) I have to concede redneck status due to several irrevocable facts about myself. But the most blaring is this: My favorite Christmas gift was a new welcome mat that reads like this "Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit, look who's here!" I love it. It makes me laugh every time I walk in my FRONT door.
4. I can't think of anything else right now...Okay, actually, I can...but that would make me sound greedy, and focusing on all of the things I want depresses me. I like to focus on what I have, and try to ignore the other. Like a pantry that's too small. Or a kitchen light that is so dark I can barely see to cook at night. Or carpet that I want to rip out and replace with hard floors.....Or new light fixtures in my bathrooms,a s well as all new faucets through the entire house...And a new ceiling fan for our guest room (the one in there works, but in all honesty it is the ugliest ceiling fan I've seen in my life. No kidding.) No, I won't dwell on the things that annoy me about our house we've lived in for 6 whole months...I will dwell on the fact that it has a pool...which is work, but I love it. And it has a shop for Studmuffin to build me things in, and to park our boat in. And, no one lives behind me.....And, it actually had grass when we moved in...This is the first house that we moved in that actually had landscaping. And, it has a big living room, so I can fit all of my STUFF in it. And it has a jetted tub. And it has 2 closets in the master bath, so Studmuffin can no longer gripe about my STUFF on the floor......

That's all for now...I seriously need to go and do the new #2 on my list: Bible Study.


Becky said...

Listily she lives through yet another day. LOL. Seriously, I will trade you my whole house (including landscaping) for your jetted tub. Just me and the tub... thats all I need... and this paddleball...*

*thats a reference to The Jerk, just in case you didn't know.

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love lists too. I've had to step away from the lists because I was driving myself completely insane "listing" everything.

I currently just keep a grocery list, a Target list and a to-do list, only for major things like "Don't forget to make a doctor appointment for kid #3" Things I will seriously forget to do if it isn't on paper.

And sometimes if I have a bunch of errands to run, I will make a list of the places I need to go in order. Otherwise I will be driving aimlessly saying, "I know I had another place to go!"

Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Ya know--light fixtures don't cost all that much and you could buy one a month......

Becky said...

I have no recollection of censoring or deleting any comment. But if I ever have the urge to do so... it will be one of yours.

teehee ;-)