Saturday, January 3, 2009

Suh-Weet Success!!

Thank heavens that's over!

No, seriously, it was fun. Popcorn had 4 little friends come. It was all so quiet to start with because they didn't all know each other. They all warmed up after we had a rousing game of musical chairs. Nothing like some good Chipmunks music to get the party started!

The girls were all SO good mannered. Popcorn was the only one who spilled her blue tropical punch tea on the lace table cloth. Oh well, no use crying over spilled Kool Aide! That's why God gave us Oxy Clean!!

The even better news is I made a new friend! Yeah me! She is a mother to one of the little girls who came to the party. I had met her in passing a few times, but never had the chance to talk. Guess what!? She's a NURSE!!! And, she has little compassion for her children. Her daughter showed up with her hand wrapped in ice. She'd just shut her fingers in the door...Her mom was like, "you're okay, you'll be fine," and was out the door. I should have guessed she was a nurse right away!

Anyway, we have way more in common than a lack of compassion...Her kids are close in age, and even though her older is in 2nd grade, she's only 4 months younger than Bookworm. Can anyone say sleepover opportunity?! In the double! That has been the number one thing I've been missing here in OK. My friends in TX had little girls, in pairs, that were the same age as my kids. So, I could ship both kids off to the same house, the same night, and return the swap, no problem! For the first time in a LONG time, I can see potential for this in my future! I'm so excited I'm giddy! (Obviously, every sentence in this paragraph ends in ! or !!!!)Well, now your day is complete. The party that I was sure was doomed for failure was a success.

Oh, I do have one tip for you...Cakes baked in a mixing bowl come out very dense. My mom reminded me tonight (I think she told me this before, but I forgot) to stick something in the bowl to take up space so it wouldn't be so dense. I think the cake falls or something, because you have to bake it so long to get it done in the middle. So, in all honesty I ended up throwing it away. Now, the donut spout and handle...I ate those suckers. Donuts with butter cream frosting....Can you say YUM-O?!

Oh, and a special post script to my lovely niece Sarah. Thanks for helping. I'm really glad you needed to to laundry. Otherwise I would have been hostessing this sucker alone, since Studmuffin suddenly had a million things to get done in his shop when the little girls arrived! You were a big help!

Hey, want to learn more about my fabulous niece Sarah? Check out her blog. She is an awesome photographer. Her photos grace my family walls. Wanna sample of her genius? Here's a link to our family photos! Enjoy!


Becky said...

Easy now... (in reference to the last comment you left me)... You're talking to someone who makes up her own words on a regular basis. :-p Besides... It takes one to know one I see... hehehee. ;-)

Is dense the same as dry?

All the girls looked fabulous, you are such a good mommy despite your lack of compassion. hehehee.

off to check out Sarahs blog... do you think she'll do my laundry too?

Dawn said...

The taste of the cake didn't matter--It was just for looks anyway! And you had lots of cupcakes I'm sure! And I love Oxyclean! And the girls look cute and like they are having fun! And you DO have a fabulous neice Sarah! I'm glad you're nearby with a washer and dryer! Love ya!

Dawn said...

Oh and a new friend to boot!

Sarah Castor said...

Hello! Thanks for the reference!

today's word verification: futbol

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