Friday, January 2, 2009


I had some moments of pause with this little creation. It looks like an elephant to me. If you put another handle on the opposite side, move the spout to the front, it is totally an elephant. I also thought that I could have inverted it, and made it a tea cup (minus the spout of course.) Popcorn thought it could be a monkey if you put handles on either side, cut a hole out of the front for the nose/mouth, and shoved a cupcake in it. I can see she has a future in cake making.

Bookworm was pretty impressed herself. She sat over me the entire time, chirping a dialogue. She kept begging me to let her frost, but I explained that even though I love making their cakes, I get stressed, and then I would yell at her for no reason, feel bad, have to apologize, and it really isn't worth all of that. She agreed. She knows me well.

Anyway, overall I think it turned out pretty stinking cute. The tea cups have cupcakes that I just stuck in and piped frosting in a swirl on. My fingers are crossed that the handle and spout hold out until tomorrow. I have extra donuts, just in case, and extra frosting made.

So, the cake is done...the most stressful part. Tomorrow I will make tiny crust less sandwiches, a veggie tray, and fruit kabobs per Popcorn's menu plan. My niece Sarah is coming over to do laundry...So, I will naturally put her to work. She said she expects it from me..."I know how you operate" she said. Is this yet another sign I'm bossy? Hmmmm....

Well, you know I'll give you an update after the party tomorrow. I'm sure everyone's day is not complete without all of the fascinating details in my life!! Have a great weekend!


Becky said...

Your details complete me... LOL!!!

Sorry, couldn't resist. I LOVE the cake! It is awesome. I need step by stp insructions so I can attempt one for my girls someday. I get the donut usage but for the main cake was it one layer or two.

Elephant... teehee...maybe, but I see a purple Mrs. Potts. Well done my friend!

April said...

That is one very lucky little girl. I wonder if one of my boys would mind if I had a tea party themed bday for him???

I'm afraid I'm stuck with robots and trucks for the rest of my days and my daughter has moved on to wanting cheesecake for her bday (I know, she's quite brilliant).

Dawn said...

Oh! Wow! It's really cute!

Sarah Castor said...

So... if you will give me until tomorrow I will have the photos from today for you! I will e-mail them to you :D