Saturday, January 31, 2009

Follow Your Nose

I love listening to my kids' conversations. We were visiting Sonic at happy hour. Bookworm was heard to say "Aren't you glad your nose is on your face?' to her sister.

I started laughing. She wanted to know why. "Where else would it be?" I replied.

Bookworm: Well, if it was in the back of your head, your hair would be tickling it, and you'd sneeze all of the time
Popcorn: And you'd get snot in your hair!!!
Me: If it was on your elbow, it sure would hurt if you banged it.
Popcorn: If it was above your ear, snot would run in your ear! (are you catching a theme here?)
Bookworm: If it was in your armpit, it would sure stink! Unless you use deodorant of course.
Popcorn: Ewww, snot in your armpit! Snot on your deodorant!

We all laughed until we snorted our Sonic drinks out of our noses.........

Which were thankfully on our faces.

1 comment:

Becky said...

I could think of so many more undesirable places to have a nose... :-p