Monday, February 2, 2009


I have so many random things going on today.....

Like this dratted chocolate donut that my husband brought home from church yesterday. The girls ate all but this lone donut. Sitting there in the box. All alone. Calling me...


Yes, donut?

I'm heeeeere!

I don't need you! Go away!

I'm very lonely in this box, all alone.....Just....come and talk to me for a minute. Have another cup of coffee. There. Now, isn't that nice? But, wait, don't you want some company with that...

mmmpf, gulp, gulp, smack, chomp, smack, gulp, gulp.

There, that shut him up...Moving on...

This is my kitchen window. It has a problem. Well, no it doesn't have a problem. Studmuffin has a problem. With this window. He says it's boring. Too boring for lovely new countertops (that still aren't in) and a barn red bead board back splash.

I say these lovely tomatoes that are sprouting on my kitchen window give it character and warmth. Seriously, I went to eat these tomatoes, and they were all bumpy! I waited, and they soon sprouted. Now, I must remember to buy soil to plant them in, so I can have early tomatoes...That were essentially free!

But boring? I love my kitchen window with it's charming embroidered tea towels/mantle scarves, or whatever the heck they were originally for. I can't imagine anyone actually putting this work into something to dry dishes with.

The Farmer Boy one is signed on the back "Malcolm B. Harris." I think it was made by a little boy. The pretty lady has a hand crocheted trim. Same thing with the basket on the right....

Or is it tatted? I really don't even know what tatting is, but maybe this is it.

The one on the left was edged with a surger (sp?), but I like the blue color of the flower.

I got all of these at a junk store. I love them. But, why love it if it won't be where everyone can see it?

Studmuffin disagrees. He says the window needs curtains. I say it needs character, and who else would hang these in their kitchen but me?

What do YOU think? For more pictures of my kitchen (minus the improvements soon to come, click here.)


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Thanks for always having something kind and encouraging to say on my blog. I think your window is adorable.

Bad donut.


Becky said...

LOL. That donut.... I would have just licked the frosting off and left it naked in the box all by itself... now THAT would have shown it.

I like your window the way it is... it is charming. Curtains are nice too though... maybe rotate... do tea towels and curtains every other month. Or not. :-p

I have never seen a tomato sprout!

Dawn said...

Sprouting tomatoes? where have I been that I have never heard of this. I personally think that vintage tea towels will look perfect with the bead board backsplash. You could buy curtains then drape them over the tops to give them a nice background--red or some dark color?