Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sprouting Tomatoes

Don't you love a good tomato? If you want a good tomato, you best grow it yourself. When that is not possible, hot house or on the vine tomatoes are the way to go. Roma are okay, but home grown is best.

Occasionally when I cut into my on the vine tomatoes I notice a seed has started to sprout. I will pick it out, and enjoy my lovely tomato.

A few weeks ago I started to cut up a tomato, that I had bought about 3 or 4 days before at Walmart, and noticed it was bumpy. So was my other tomato I had left of the original 4 I had bought on the vine. I realized they were sprouting. I waited a few more days. The bumps became more pronounced. On one tomato I made a tiny nick, and the little sprout flourished! I eventually did this in 5 or 6 places on each tomato. They sat on my bar with no sunlight for about a week and continued to grow, albeit very slowly. I finally placed them on my window sill in my kitchen last week. This is the result.

Now, if I will only remember to stick them in some soil. Maybe I can have some early tomatoes! My only question to myself (and you, of course, Dear Reader, it's all about you) is this: Do I just stick the whole darn thing in a pot of soil, or do I try to separate out the individual sprouts? Hmmmmm.......................


Becky said...

Ya got me! Cut it in half and try both methods then you'll know which works best.

This is so cool and I've never seen this before. Keep me posted on what happens.

Dawn said...

That's pretty neat! I looked for on the vine tomatoes at the grocery store but there weren't any.