Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Rose is a Rose

Before you proceed one sentence further, I must warn you. This post is NOT about beautiful flowers. The exact opposite in fact. It is about filth. Disgusting-ness. Utter gross-out-ness. Beyond belief, someone help me please to end the perpetuation of such ickiness for the deluded idea of self-expression.

So, now you know....Proceed with the knowledge that you've been forewarned.

So, who's been watching American Idol? I haven't. I wanted to, I really did. I like to watch the auditions, then skip the whole group audition junk, and rejoin when they get down to the good people.

Tonight I actually tuned into Idol. I was doubting I would be successful in actually viewing it, but short of one call during the first 10 minutes, (from my BROTHER!! Some of you will understand the utter absurdity of this, while the rest will remain blissfully ignorant, though now thoroughly curious) I saw the whole thing. I enjoyed it, as always.

What I was disturbed by was the very last audition by a lovely young ragamuffin by the name of Rose. Of course, she had a great story. She lived in a van with her dad until he died when she was 13. Her mother died 2 years later, and she now lives with her best friend's family, in a house. She was cute as a button despite her strange attire and messy hair style. My only problem was....


I hate bare feet in public. I would wig out when my kids took their shoes off in the nursery at church. No bare feet in public, please. It just isn't sanitary! And it makes your feet ugly! Come on, girls, don't we all want pretty feet? Didn't we all make sure our feet were clean and toenails painted before we went to that delivery room to birth those babies?

They showed this lovely girl skipping joyfully down the street with her golden ticket....AND HER FEET WERE COMPLETELY BLACK!


I know she grew up in a van, but come on! Surely someone would tell her to PUT SOME SHOES ON!

Did the judges comment on her state of barefootedness? No. They commented on how pretty and cute she is, and how much they like her. No mention of bare feet.

Please. Please. Please don't make me look at this child's bare feet for the rest of the season! I can't take it!

This concludes our rant for this lovely Wednesday evening. Thank you. I'm better now.


Dawn said...

A phone call? You're kidding me!

Mandy said...

I saw those feet and I was disgusted also! I am not that concerned about hygene, I just don't like feet!