Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Herding Cats

We used to have a house cat. She was beautiful cat. She was colored like a siamese, but she had incredibly long fur and blue eyes. She was one of the most gorgeous cats I've ever seen. Her name was Satan.

Just kidding. Her name was Mitts, but it could have been Satan. She was not friendly. We took her with us any time we went to see our parents. But, nobody ever new she was there. She spen the entire time hiding under the bed. She liked Studmuffin. But that was it. She tolerated me, because I came with Studmuffin, so she really had no other choice.

She used to sleep on top of Studmuffin. One time he was napping on the couch, and she had fallen asleep on his chest.

Wait. I need to hit the pause button on our little tale here. I need to describe our living room at the time. We had the same couches we have now, arranged at right angles to each other. We also had a long coffee table that sat in between them. The coffee table, of course, was a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law. It was the same table Studmuffin grew up with, as a matter of fact. It was approximately 6 feet long. It had a cabinet in the middle, and two open areas on other ends with decorative finials. These open areas were approximately 18 inches square and about 2 feet tall.

Okay, back to our tale: Studmuffin is asleep, Mitts is sleeping on his chest.

You know, cats are fickle. When they are done with you, they're done. Mitts decided she was done with her nap. She stood up and tried to get down. Notice I said tried. She started to get down. Studmuffin jerked into action. He grabbed for the cat. He chased the cat. Down his body. Onto the floor. And under the coffee table.

The cat escaped to the other side. Studmuffin calmly climbed out from under the table, and laid back down. Mitts hid around the other side of the table and sat there, panting and looking terrified.

A moment passes....

Studmuffin sits up and looks at me with a very confused look on his face.....

"Did I just do something weird?"

I laughed so hard, I almost wet my pants.


Dawn said...

heehee. too bad you didn't have a video camera!

Sarah Castor said...

HAHA! This story is best heard in person! lol

Becky said...

Did he dream that he was a dog? That is too funny! Poor cat was probably thinkin' "whu'the..."