Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday's Wardrobe

Sorry this post is late. I started it yesterday, planned on adding photos, but never got around to taking them. Typical....Oh, well...Here it is, bare of visual images.

Popcorn has always had wardrobe issues. Correction: I have always had issues with Popcorn's wardrobe choice. Sadly, for the most part I've given up on having much control over what she chooses to wear. I offer advice, but if she chooses to ignore it, I give a mental shrug and go on with my day. Now, I realize that many mom's (my friends included) would shudder if their child appeared in public like Popcorn does. But, as long as she's clean and decently covered, I'm pretty lax on what she wears. For example, she wore her Halloween costume for months when she was four. She was a cat that year. Every morning she would put on her kitty ears, tail, and collar, and off we'd go to run our errands!

Today's wardrobe:

Shirt: Yellow and white striped polo shirt with a silver logo over the pocket.

Pants: Pink corduroy pants with a purple flower embroidered on the right lower leg. I swear these pants fit fine just a few weeks ago. But now, they are short on her, but she loves them. Today, she swore they were the first thing she grabbed. *Ahem*, I happen to know that could not be true because I just put 3 clean pairs of jeans on top of these very pants....Moving on...

Socks: Sky blue bobby socks. Doesn't seem like such a big deal, right? Well, her pants are so short that the entire sock shows. And even though I'd like to pretend the pants could be mistaken for capri pants, they can't....It. Just. Won't. Work. Believe me, I tried to tell myself this all morning.

On her feet? Her sister's tennis shoes from last year. They are fine, but they are dingy. Apparently she had a sudden growth spurt, because her favorite black shoes were suddenly so tight this Sunday she couldn't hardly walk when we got home, and she'd worn them the Sunday before with no problems. I guess she's having the same situation with her tennis shoes.

Coat: She put on her pink fleece jacket. It is a jacket that zips inside of a coat to add warmth. I purposely bought the coats a little big so they could hopefully wear them next year. Consequently, this little jacket is just a tad too big for her. And it shows. It hangs down to about the middle of her thighs.

So, there my child went.....Strolling into school with her mismatched clothes, too short pants, and too big jacket. I had to laugh when I saw her skipping in the door. My child looks like an orphan. But I'm okay with that if she's okay with that. Really, I am. Seriously. I'm totally over her mismatched, too small clothes. I'm totally secure in my momminess....I don't need confirmation of well dressed children to reflect my value as a mother. I don't. Not at all......Nope......I'm Oooooookaaaaay.

Why are you doubting me?


Dawn said...

Perhaps this is why the librarian knows her???? Just think of Pippi Longstocking. And Molly was the same. However, too short pants disappeared from her drawer, but I'm sure not without at least one wearing!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it...she is so darn cute that the mismatched outfits just add to her charm...but I might have a slight bias. Paula