Saturday, March 21, 2009

The squaws are back

I got my kids back from my parents. It's great to have them home again. My mom was running a few minutes behind me, so I stopped in to a little antique shop while I waited on her. I'll share my wonderful buys with you in another post. You will want to keep an eye out for it. I promise!

On our way back to home the girls and I stopped in the Cherokee Trading Post. I had never taken them in there. They thought it was wonderful. Grandma had paid them for helping her around the house while they were there. They both had $12 burning a hole in their pockets. Grandma sure pays better wages than we do. They only get 10 cents a chore here, and if your sister does your chores for you, the sister gets paid, or if I have to do their chores, they have to pay ME! The first week we implemented this plan, Popcorn rested on her laurels. Boy, was she surprised when she had to fork over what little she had earned to her sister, and get into her piggy bank to pay me! She never has made that mistake again!

Anyway, back to our shopping trip. Bookworm planned from the get-go to get an Indian baby. However, she was disillusioned when she read that they were "not an Indian product, not Indian made." She ended up buying a lovely reed flute. Popcorn had her heart still set on a baby, and she found a doll with two babies in a papoose on her back. After they had each spent 3 of their $12, we headed over to my ultimate goal in this venture.

Minnetonka moccasins.

You heard me. Moccasins. We always had moccasins to wear in the summer as kids. We would get our very own Minnetonka moccasins when we went on vacation to Colorado and New Mexico as kids. I remember they were always the very best when I had worn them to the point that they completely molded to my foot, and you could see the shiny outline of my foot on the sole of them.

Have I ever told you I despise flip flops? My kids (especially Popcorn) luh-uh-uhve flip flops. Popcorn lives for weather warm enough to bust her little tootsies out of the confines of shoes and socks and ease them into a nice, disgusting pair of flip flops. They're disgusting, because that's exactly what her feet are at the end of the day...dis-gust-ing. I realize they'll get gross with moccasins, but at least they won't fall off of their feet in the middle of a parking lot, or walking through stores. Now you're starting to understand, aren't you? Yes, I'm trying to recapture a childhood memory of running wild through the countryside. And yes, I'm trying to convince my kids that moccasins are the most comfortable thing EVER, and therefore, flip flops will be kicked to the bottom of the food chain where they belong. I love my devious plans....heh-heh-heh.

So, my kids are now the proud owners of Minnetonka moccasins.

Betcha want some of your own now don't ya?

Me too.


Dawn said...

You should totally buy yourself some!

Sarah Castor said...

Oh i want a new pair now! Those are adorable and flip flops are usually gross... of course I didn't decide this until I got to college and although I have some sandals I wear.... flip flops are usually not my choice shoe

Marilyn said...

I never owned a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins until I had what was called "Squaw Boots" in High School. My dad made my moccasins out of tanned deer hide. Bet you never Knew that. your Dad always wore a pair. That was the cool thing for cowboys to do in the 50's and early 60's. It gave their feet a rest from pointed toe boots.