Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tomato update

Remember the sprouting tomatoes?

Well, they did fairly well for awhile all on their own, but I eventually decided they would surely need water and nutrients. I had some potting soil, so I just plunked the entire tomato into the soil and stuck it in my kitchen window.

Last night I decided that one pot was crowded. Strangely, the tomato that only had one healthy appearing stalk produced 5 plants. The tomato that had multiple viable appearing sprouts died back to one plant.

They are fragile little suckers. I need to cage them, as you can see, but I really don't have a cage small enough to support them right now, and I don't have enough coffee cans or ice cream cartons to support them right now.

I had a friend at work that said she would not eat tomatoes that suddenly sprouted on their own. I think that's silly. I guess she's afraid they're radioactive or something. Maybe we will be a family of mutants after enjoying our self-germinating tomato plants. If I'm going to have some strange super power, I want to be Elastigirl. Popcorn would want to be able to be able to fly. Bookworm wants to be "something like Underdog." We won't get into the psychosocial issues of my daughter wanting to be a talking dog that flies. Studmuffin was not here for this survey, but I'm going to say I could handle him being Superman, or Batman, or Mr. Incredible. I love super heroes....I love super hero movies too. *sigh*


Sorry, I way digressed there, didn't I? Moving on......Here's the tomatoes in their new pots placed in the window sill of the garage. The girls painted the pots last night while Studmuffin was painting bead board. He's really loving me for my color choice, let me tell you... *snicker*Oh! And I know you are fretting over seeing them standing in water, but I had just repotted and watered them...I didn't leave them in standing water!

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Dawn said...

Can't wait to see your kitchen!