Wednesday, March 25, 2009

15 minutes of waiting can cost you....

So, I mentioned that my mom was a few minutes behind me when we were supposed to meet Friday, right? Notice I say she was behind me, not late....just a little behind. Saying she was late seems to convey irritation and inconvenience. The exact opposite was true.

So, here's some details you should know about me. I'm impatient. I don't like to shop a lot. It makes me sleepy. the only way I'm typically able to enjoy it is if I am either
a) spending someone else's money
b) finding things dirt cheap
c)consuming lots of cookies and coffee (this is hindered by my cheapness)
If any of these situations are occurring, then I'm in heaven.

However, I had a few minutes to kill, so I decided to drop in the antique store I drive by every time I go to see my parents and always think "I should go in there some day." Some day finally came. I found the little shop absolutely charming. The precious lady who owned it greeted me immediately, and walked me through the entire store. She had a wide range of treasures. And most of them were very affordable! Since Studmuffin referred to me as "The Queen of Cheap" just last night, you can base my judgment of affordable on that title, I guess.

First, I found a dresser that I was just sure I could not live without. It was a beautiful four drawer dresser approximately 4 feet tall with a beveled mirror. Loved it. Then I found a precious little white wash stand with a mirror that I thought would be perfect in my girls bathroom. Next I found a beautiful buffet that I was just sure I knew someone who needed it. Luckily, my sister came to keep my mom company on her drive, and she was a wonderful example of my reason a to shop: someone else's money.

Well, try as my inner splurger may try to persuade me to buy the wash stand, the dresser and the buffet that I really had no idea where any of them would fit in my house, unless I ditched some furniture. Although I really don't care for my bedroom furniture (I got the whole kit and caboodle at a scratch and dent section of a furniture store before we got married for $500), the new pieces I was replacing them with was going to add up to more than, well, $500, or perhaps So, my inner cheap overrode my inner splurger. My inner cheap has very strong character, and she is very difficult to overwhelm.

However, I did get some great things. I have been trying to figure out what to hang above my bed since we moved here in July. I had the same dilemma in La Vernia. I remember I hung some arrangement of things I didn't really like, but they worked okay. Actually, I did that at every place we've had our bed. Decorating is not my forte.....But back to my new purchase.

I spotted some old plantation shutters. They're cream and a little banged up, but just barely. Actually, I sanded them down to make them look more weathered. I bought 2 of these beauties to hang in the barren space above my bed. Dawn pointed out that the slots are perfect for tucking love notes in! Aaawww....She must have me confused with our sentimental, romantic, thoughtful sister, Paula....But still it's a sweet thought!

The next purchase I made was something I've been scrounging for and begging for since we moved in. There is this empty space in the girls bathroom (okay, it's not like we have an excess of bathrooms in this's the hall bath) that has been calling for an old narrow church pew or bench. I asked Studmuffin to build me one, but with his list of other "honey do's" he hasn't squeezed a random bench in the mix yet. He still hasn't found time to squeeze in the turbo play house he designed for the girls, complete with front porch and railing, that he made the mistake of showing the girls. Poor guy...he'll never hear the end of that. He just has a few chores ahead of our fence for the backyard, refinishing the trim and window sills in our house (his idea, not mine), rebuilding a larger sill for my kitchen window, installing the back splash in the kitchen, ripping out the carpet and tile in the main living areas to replace with laminate wood floors....The list goes on and on....Go, ahead, pity him, you have my full permission!

Anyway, I found a bench! Now, it was covered with "treasures" and green paint with sunflowers stenciled on it. The color and pattern I was not quite so crazy about. But, the dimensions and shape were exactly what I was looking for. I bought it, brought it home and immediately painted it with some leftover paint from our kitchen. Of course, it was too "pretty" after I painted it, so I then sanded it down, and used the leftover glaze from the girls room to make it look more worn out. I love how it turned out. It now has a lovely new home in their bathroom.Not bad, eh?

Yep, finding out my mom was a few minutes behind me, cost me a bit of money. But thanks to my inner cheap, it didn't cost me near what it could have!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Christina

Marilyn said...

I love the bench. It looks so different.

Dawn said...

The bench looks great. Perhaps not as great as the little white vanity would have, but that just means you have more money to spend when you return and buy the beautiful dresser for you bedroom! Get thee behind me, inner cheap!